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The Wiki Game

How To Play Wiki Games Like Speed Wiki and Click Wiki


So, you thought wikis like Wikipedia was all about the creation and spread of knowledge and information on the Internet, but there is another use for everyone's favorite wiki: the Wiki Game.

The Wiki Game is great for groups large and small and for people young and old. The only requirement is access to a computer. The Wiki Game is sometimes referred to by other names such as "Speed Wiki" and "Wiki Racing."

I've put together some basic rules for the Wiki Game, including two variations: Speed Wiki and Click Wiki. Ideally, each person should have access to a computer at the same time, but Click Wiki can be played by taking turns in dire situations.

The Wiki Game - Rules

  • Players start on the same (random) page on Wikipedia or a similar wiki.
  • Players race to "home base" -- a randomly selected destination on the wiki.
  • Players can only click links within the content section. Do not click links from the menu or sidebar.
  • Players can not use browser navigation, which means no hitting the back button or using the browser history.
  • Players can not use the keyboard. Obviously, no use of the search box, but also no hotkeys for going forward or back a page.

The Wiki Game - Variations

The two main ways to play the Wiki Game are Speed Wiki, where the first one to home base wins, and Click Wiki, where the one who reaches home base in the fewest number of clicks wins.

Speed Wiki is better suited for larger groups of people where monitoring the number of clicks could become too time-consuming. Click Wiki is great for a smaller number of players where the player can contemplate each move thoroughly before making it.

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