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The Top Widget Galleries and Providers


Widgets can spice up your web life by adding fun and utility to personalized start pages, blogs, and social networking profiles, but they cannot spice up your web if you cannot find them. The following is a list of the top widget galleries and providers.


Widget Database

Description: Excellent source of widgets that work on websites, social networks, blogs, and personal start pages. The process of putting widgets on the page is made simpler with their handy wizards that automate the process for some sites.


Widget Gallery

Description: Dedicated to widgets for the web and for the desktop, Widgipedia has widgets for all platforms. Allows searching by tags and the ability to read and give feedback on the individual widgets.

Yahoo Widgets

Widget Provider

Description: Widgets designed for the desktop, users are first required to install software to manage the widgets on the desktop. A great selection of desktop widgets, and the desktop manager makes installing them and uninstalling them a breeze.


Widget Gallery

Description: A good gallery filled with both web widgets and desktop widgets, springwidgets also features the ability to automatically install the widgets onto some sites.



Description: Rockyou is a widget host offering a variety of widgets from musical slide shows to horoscopes to games.


Yourminis Widget Provider

Description: A nice selection of web widgets, yourminis also automates the process of installing the widget for some pages and has a distribution network for getting your own widget out there.


Slide Widget Host

Description: Slide is a widget host offering sophisticated widgets for producing slide shows, picture galleries, and guest books.


Widget Database

Description: Snipperoo is a directory of widget sites rather than a widget gallery. Arranging the sites by catagory, it is a very handy resource for finding widgets.


Social Music

Description: Playlist is a social music experiment allowing users to create their own play list and take it with them to their favorite social networking site.

Bunnyhero Labs


Description: Bunnyhero Labs offers popular cyber-pets for your start page, blog, or social networking profile.

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