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Walk Down Your Street With Google Maps


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Walk Down Your Street With Google Maps
Google Maps Street View

Image of Google Maps

One of the neat features of Google Maps is the ability to get a street view of many urban and suburban areas. The street view is an actual photograph shot with an Immersive Media camera that delivers a 360 degree image of the surroundings.

Using this special camera, Google is mapping out areas so that users of Google Maps will be able to actually see an area on the map. This is great if you are unfamiliar with your destination and want to find some visual landmarks.

Another great use of the street view is that it will allow you to walk down your street using Google Maps. While not quite as practical as finding visual cues for a destination, it is certainly a lot of fun.

Note: Not all areas have been mapped for street view, so if you live in a rural area, you might not be able to walk down your street. But there's nothing stopping you from choosing a friend's address and walking down their street!

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