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How To Use Firefox Live Bookmarks


How To Use Firefox  Live Bookmarks

(Image by the Mozilla Foundation)

Mozilla's Firefox browser comes with built-in RSS support called Live Bookmarks. These bookmarks act like folders, but they are populated with the articles in the RSS feed. Clicking on an article title will take you to that article.

Firefox Live Bookmarks turn your browser into a handy little RSS reader. They don't support some of the features of other RSS readers like searching across feeds, emailing articles to friends, and consolidating multiple feeds into one view, but if you only want to keep up with a few feeds, Firefox Live Bookmarks can do the trick.

If you are want to know how to use Firefox Live Bookmarks, you can create a live bookmark by following these steps:

  1. Click on the RSS icon located on the right side of the address bar.
  2. Choose "Live Bookmarks" from the combo box and click on the "Subscribe Now" button.
  3. Type in whatever you would like to call the RSS feed. Usually, the default name is fine.
  4. Choose where to install the Life Bookmark. Choosing the "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" will put the Live Bookmark on your toolbar, but you can choose to install it anywhere.

Organizing the Live Bookmarks in Firefox

The default folder for Firefox Live Bookmarks is the "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder." This is a special folder that puts the bookmarks on the toolbar. This is a neat way of displaying the Live Bookmarks, but if you have more than a few, it can get a little crowded.

Folders. Live Bookmarks are just like any other bookmark. You can put them in your main bookmarks folder, or create a sub-folder for them. If you have more than a few RSS feeds, you can created different Folders for each category.

Folders on the Toolbar. One really neat trick with Firefox is that folders can be placed in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. What this means is you can have folders on your toolbar. So, if you have a lot of feeds, but if they all go into only two or three categories, you can put them on your toolbar and access them in a very organized manner.

Why Use Firefox Live Bookmarks?

Live Bookmarks can be handy whether or not you use another RSS reader.

If you only have a few RSS feeds that you want to keep track of, Live Bookmarks is perfect. It will give you a list of articles, and you can quickly go to the article that interests you.

If you don't really need to search through all of your RSS feeds or consolidate multiple feeds into one view, Live Bookmarks can be a good choice. If you wouldn't use the features of other RSS Readers, then you might as well use your browser as your RSS reader.

But, even if you use an RSS reader, Live Bookmarks can be a handy resource. If, for example, there are a few feeds that you like to check periodically throughout the day, having them as Live Bookmarks will let you look them up whenever you want no matter where you are on the web.

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