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Create Your Own E-zine With Zimbio

What is Zimbio?


E-zine Zimbio

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Zimbio combines the idea of the wiki with the idea of the online magazine (e-zine) to create the wikizine. Zimbio offers thousands of user-created e-zines on a variety of subjects from sports and entertainment to world news and current events.

A typical e-zine is about a specific subject, such as a famous person or a popular product. Much like a traditional magazine, the e-zine has a cover, articles, and contains current news about its subject.

Beyond just hosting e-zines, Zimbio displays the current news and popular blog posts from around the world. These news articles are then linked to the appropriate e-zine, so a visitor can scan through the current entertainment news and find e-zines through the articles.

I Already Have A Blog. Why Should I Have An E-zine Too?

For bloggers, Zimbio offers two ways to promote your blog. When you register with the site, you can add your blog to the thousands that are featured on Zimbio. Your blog can then be linked to an e-zine with similar content and used for articles and current news within that e-zine. A linkback is provided, so Zimbio can help drive traffic to your blog.

If you prefer to take a more active role, you can create your own e-zine with a subject similar to your blog. This will allow you to use blog entries as articles, and cross-link your e-zine with your blog.

What Goes Into Creating An E-zine?

The first thing you will want to do when creating your own e-zine is to create a flashy cover. Zimbio has a simplified picture-editing tool that will help you through this process, or you can use Photoshop or similar photo-editing software.

Next, you will want to compile a few articles for your e-zine. A good place to start is explaining your subject. If your e-zine is about Marilyn Monroe, write a bio that explains who she is to someone that has never heard of the actress. If your e-zine is about the Washington Redskins, write about the origins of the Redskins as a professional football team.

After you have created a cover and written a few articles, you can add pictures, videos, polls, and more to your e-zine. You can also engage others to help create content, so you won't be alone in doing all the work.

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