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How to Change the Twitter Background Image

Customize Twitter With a New Twitter Background and Color Scheme


You can easily choose a custom Twitter background image with Themeleon

Image of Themeleon

Have you ever viewed another profile with a custom Twitter background image or a new color scheme and wondered how it was done? It's actually pretty simple to change out Twitter's background to an image of your choosing. And it's just as easy to change Twitter's color scheme. There's even a website that will help you customize Twitter.

First, the basics. To get into Twitter's design settings in order to change the Twitter background image or customize the colors, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on "Settings" in the menu at the top of Twitter
  2. A sub-menu will appear below your profile picture. Choose "Design".
  3. You can select a theme or scroll down below the themes and choose to change your Twitter background image or change Twitter's design colors.

Tips on choosing the right Twitter background

  • Twitter will let you tile the image, which is great if you are picking out a pattern. Simply click the "tile background" checkbox after choosing your image.
  • Want a picture that runs neatly down the left side of Twitter? Try to keep it under 180 pixels wide. This will allow it to show up nicely on most widescreen monitors.
  • Remember, not everyone is using the same screen settings, so don't make your image too long. Try to keep it to 600 pixels max. This will leave a little room at the bottom on most displays.
  • Pick out a color scheme that goes with your image.

Want more control over your Twitter background and color scheme?

If you are like me, you aren't too great with images and color schemes. That is where a layout editor comes in handy. The Twitter-recommended Themeleon layout editor is a great tool for creating a custom Twitter layout without being great in Paintshop.

To get started, click this link and log in to your Twitter account via the button at the top of the display.

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