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Mobile Social Network List

A List of Mobile Social Networks


Mobile users constitute one of the biggest areas of growth in the online market, so it is no surprise that mobile social networks have begun becoming more and more popular. While mobile social networks haven't become quite as sophisticated as non-mobile powerhouses like Facebook, they are able to cater the network to the unique aspects of mobile users, such as the ability to quickly and easily share photos snapped with a smartphone or utilize the GPS capability of these mobile devices.


Mobile Social Networks - Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a great mobile social network centered around the idea of letting your friends know where you are hanging out. Great for arranging spontaneous meet ups during the evening, Dodgeball can quickly notify your friends of your location.


Mobile Social Networks - Friendstribe

Friendstribe is a social network designed to be used from the cell phone through text messaging. You can blast your location to your friends, use the 'find' command to receive directions to a venue through a text message and create a group photo gallery with your friends.


Mobile Social Networks - Groovr

Groovr is a mobile social network that helps you keep up with your friends and find out about cool events happening in your area. It also has a special affinity for the iPhone, showing up with a special Groovr icon for iPhone users.


Gypsii is a mobile social network with a theme of geotagging a certain location

Gypsii is a mobile social network with a theme of recording your life by snapping photos or recording video, geotagging it and sending it to your friends across the network. Gypsii has mobile clients for a number of smartphones including Windows Mobile and Blackberry and an iPhone app is coming down the pipeline soon. In addition to sharing your places with friends on the network, Gypsii is linked in to Facebook and Twitter, making it easier to share your places.


Mobile Social Networks - Loopt

Loopt hopes to become more than just a mobile social network by setting its sights on becoming a social compass. By alerting you when your friends are nearby and letting you find out about what's going on near your location, Loopt hopes to point you in the right social direction.


Mobile Social Networks - Mozes

Mozes is one part mobile social network and one part mobile marketing blitz. Users select what their interests are, while marketers create engaging campaigns to keep interested parties informed.


Mobile Social Networks - Peepsnation

Peepsnation is a mobile social network that goes beyond the ordinary by allowing you to tag and even rate your fellow peeps. Designed to help teens and twenty-somethings connect, Peepsnation is tailored to the mobile generation.


Mobile Social Networks -  Socialight

Sociallight is all about discovering hip new places and sharing your experiences with your friends. If you are the type that likes to constantly try new restaurants and hit the newest hot spots, Sociallight is the mobile social network for you.


Mobile Social Networks - Wattpad

Wattpad is a mobile social network about books and reading. Not only can you share your favorite books with your friends, you can even read novels, short stories and articles on your phone.

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