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Book Social Networks

A List of Social Networks For The Booklover


Most booklovers share two things in common: (1) the love of a great book and (2) sharing that book with friends. From book clubs to reading groups, social networking has always played a part in the avid reader's life. It is no surprise this love has gone digital.

Book social networks are those focused on reading and sharing books with others through book lists and reviews. Not only are these book-based social networks a great way to share good books, they are also an excellent way to find new books to read.

This list does not include book exchange websites. It is also sorted based on popularity.


Book Social Network - Goodreads

The goal of Goodreads is to find good reads, those books that leave you satisfied and/or wanting more. It is also about avoiding bad reads, which are books that aren't worth the paper they are printed on. As a booklover's social network, Goodreads allows you to build a list of books, rate and review those books, and find out what your friends are reading.


Book Social Network - Shelfari

Shelfari is a social network devoted to create a global community of booklovers by encouraging users to discuss and share their favorite books with friends and strangers. By allowing users to build a virtual bookshelf, Shelfari creates a great visual interface for sharing great books.


Book Social Network - LibraryThing

Any avid reader will find LibraryThing to be a great way to organize their reading list. By interacting with Amazon and the Library of Congress, books can be easily added to the list. LibraryThing also creates a modifiable page for every author, which makes it a great social network for writers who want to promote their books and connect with their readers.


Book Social Network - Bookcrossing

BookCrossing is a book-based social network where members release books back into the public by leaving them on park benches, at the gym or at school. One part social network and one part social experiment, BookCrossing lets you participate in giving back to the world of literature by passing on your favorite books.


Book Social Network - Reader2

Reader2 is a book social network that allows you to tag your books with a keyword and categorize them any way you want. You can interact with friends, display your book lists on your own blog, and discuss books with other readers. One great feature of Reader2 is the ability to recommend a book based on another title. This works by matching up similar keywords used to describe the book and generating a list based on those keyword matches.


Book Social Network - Booktribes

Booktribes is a social network devoted to readers with a goal of allowing users to discover great new books. You can search through their database for books, read reviews, and see what other books the reviewers liked.


Book Social Network - Revish

Revish is a social network for book reviews. Not only can you write reviews of your favorite books, you can also create a journal of the books you have read. And by using the Revish API and the provided widgets, you can also share your book list on your blog or on your MySpace or Facebook profile.


Book Social Network - ConnectViaBooks

ConnectViaBooks is a social network where booklovers can find other people who enjoy similar books. Publishing and sharing book lists allows users to connect with others, and by writing reviews, users share their love of books with the public. Users can create multiple book lists, publish those lists on their own blog, and engage in lively discussions about books.


Book Social Network - BookRabbit

BookRabbit is a book social network that is connected to thousands of independent bookshops in the UK. This means you can not only use BookRabbit to discover great new books, you can even use it to find those books even if they are out of stock and unavailable on Amazon.com.

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