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How to Create a Custom Facebook List


The Facebook List tool.

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The ability to hide friends from your Facebook wall is great, but sometimes that is not enough to properly organize Facebook. That's where Facebook lists come in handy. Through the lists tool, you can create a subset of Facebook friends and organize Facebook by family, work, friends, etc.

Here's how to create a custom Facebook list:

When you are viewing your Facebook wall, there is a menu on the left that starts with News Feed. At the bottom of this list, you'll see a link called Create New List. If you don't see this link, don't panic. Simply hit the More link at the bottom and the menu items will expand until you see the Create New List link.

This link will pop up a small window where you can create the list. Start by giving your new list a name. Make it simple and descriptive so you'll recognize it.

Next, begin selecting Facebook friends to go in your list. If you have a lot of friends, it is easiest to narrow the search down by typing their name in the input box next to the All and Selected links. Notice that the list gets narrowed as you type.

To select a friend, simply click on their name or profile picture. You'll notice they become highlighted. If you accidentally click on the wrong friend, simply click again and they'll no longer be selected.

Once you've added everyone to your list, you can click the Create List button at the bottom of this window.

So how do you access your custom Facebook list?

The same menu on the left-hand side of the screen should now contain the list. All you need do is click on the list's name and your News Feed will change to your list, showing you all of the updates from Facebook friends you placed on the lsit.

Want to move the custom list up to the top of the menu?

You can easily organize your Facebook menu by moving items around, but you'll first need to make sure it is expanded. You can expand the menu by clicking the More link at the bottom of the list.

Once it is expanded, you will see a list icon to the right of the menu item. (It looks like three horizontal bars). If you hover the mouse over this icon, you'll notice it changes from a hand to four arrows pointing up, down, left and right. This tells you that the item is ready to be moved. Now all you have to do is hold the mouse button down and drag the item to a new place in the list.

The custom Facebook list feature is great because it allows you to create simple lists breaking down your friends into basic categories and then putting those lists at the top of the menu where you can easily get to them.

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