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Start Sharing Short Mobile Videos with Keek

Share a Short Video from Your Phone or Computer


Mobile Video Sharing with Keek
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Mobile video sharing is arguably the latest big thing online. Keek is just one service that's helping it happen and connecting people who love to create and watch short videos while on the go.

What Is Keek?

Keek is a web and mobile platform that lets you post quick, short videos up to 36 seconds long. You can connect with your friends, share funny videos, ask questions, reply back to other videos, send private text or video messages and do so much more. All videos -- called "keeks" -- are embeddable, so you can share them on other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It's free to sign up. After signing up, you can go to your dashboard to manage all your preferences, settings, your profile, comments, keeks, private keeks and personal notifications. You can also the Keek app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Keek's Main Features

On mobile, Keek looks pretty similar to a lot of the other popular social networking apps out there -- like Twitter, Vine and Instagram. If you’re already familiar with these types of platforms and enjoy using them, you’ll probably really like using Keek too.

Here are some of the main features Keek has to offer.

Profile set-up: You get to customize your profile as a Keek user. Access the dashboard to manage all your preferences, settings, your profile, comments, keeks, private keeks and personal notifications.

Customizable stream: Your stream will show keeks, comments, follows, likes, kred and subscribers. You can leave these checked or uncheck them to hide them from your stream. Customize it any way you want it to look.

36 second-long video limit: Videos or “keeks” cannot be any longer than 36 seconds to encourage users to keep it brief.

Unlimited uploads: While there is a limit on video length, there's no limit to how many individual videos you can post on Keek.

Following, followers and subscriptions: Like other popular social networks, you can follow other users’ keeks to have them show up in your stream and be followed back by users so your keeks show up in their streams. Subscribe to your favorite keeks to instantly watch their videos when they update.

Latest keeks: Browse through the most recently uploaded keeks to discover new content, connect with new people and expand your network faster.

Keekmail and private keeks: If you want just one person to see one of your keeks, you can send them a private keek to their keekmail inbox.

Kred: Kred is basically a score that represents your overall reputation on Keek. Your viewers can rate you as funny, entertaining, cool, informative, legendary, brilliant, inspiring and much more, which can help you improve your Kred score.

Comments: If you prefer to leave a quick textual comment on a keek, you can do so rather than being required to film a new keekback for every keek you respond to.

Social sharing: Instantly post your keeks to your social profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

Private group chat: Chat by video or text with up to 36 friends at once.

Video upload: Upload an existing video you filmed already.

Network Wizard: If you want to expand your following and connect with people you already know, you can use the Network Wizard to easily invite friends that are not yet on Keek. Send Keek invites to your friends on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and others.

What About Vine and Instagram Video?

It's pretty obvious that Keek has some tough competition with other video-sharing apps like Vine and Instagram stealing the spotlight. Instagram has the benefit of being able to share both photos and videos up to 15 seconds, whereas Vine lets you make autolooping videos that can be directly embedded in your Twitter stream -- but only up to six seconds long.

Perhaps the one of the most major advantages Keek has over Vine and Instagram is its longer video limit length of up to 36 seconds -- more than double that of Instagram and six times Vine's limit. The huge group chat feature is also another plus, even despite Vine and Instagram's private messaging features.

Another big feature that Keek offers is the ability to upload videos from your computer or webcam. Neither Vine nor Instagram offer uploading via the web and require you to post your videos through their mobile apps.

If you can't get enough great video content and have a craving to discover even more, check out this complete list of the most popular video-sharing websites and app online today.

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