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Unsubscribe from All Email Lists at Once With Unroll.me

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If you can believe it, email is still the number one way we communicate on the web--even though social media is quickly pushing its way in. Email is far from being dead yet, although many of us often wish that it were.

There’s a rather new little startup called Unroll.me that wants to make your life easier when dealing with email so you have more time and more patience to deal with more important things at work or wherever you are. Read on to see what it’s all about.

What is Unroll.me?

Unroll.me accesses your email inbox and allows you to easily clean it up with just a few clicks. It’s an optimal tool for people who have racked up a lot of email list subscriptions over the past few years or so. The main features include:

Mass unsubscribing: Now you don’t have to click the unsubscribe button and then another confirmation button in a webpage when you want to unsubscribe for an email list. Unroll.me will list all of your subscriptions for you so you can simply click the minus ( - ) sign beside the lists you want to unsubscribe from forever. Unroll.me does all the unsubscribing for you.

Personalized recommendations: After getting set up with Unroll.me, you should notice a tab at the bottom labeled “Recommended for You,” which gives you about three lists you may wish to subscribe to, determined by your current list of subscriptions. Click the plus ( + ) sign to add it.

Daily rollup: The daily rollup is sort of like a digest letter that combines all the email list subscriptions you want to keep and delivers them to you at a predetermined time of day. This is great for keeping your inbox organized, since all your subscriptions are delivered to you in one single email. Clicking the plus ( + ) sign beside any email list subscription adds it to your daily rollup.

Is Unroll.me Ideal for Everybody?

Not exactly. If you get a lot of email, but all those emails come from actual people and not from mailing lists, then Unroll.me probably won’t help you that much (unless they plan to add any other email management features in the future, which is very possible).

Unroll.me is really just the perfect tool to combat all those marketers and company newsletters that just love to make their way into your inbox. Everyone has received a few at one point or another, and they’re the ones that aren’t meant to be personal. Those pesky emails are often sent out through some kind of email software to massive email subscriber lists.

Now that can get pretty annoying. And that’s where Unroll.me comes in real handy.

Does Unroll.me Work With All Email Providers?

Since it’s still a pretty new service, Unroll.me doesn’t work with every single email provider in existence right now. At this time, only Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL are compatible, but you can sign up with Unroll.me to be notified when more email service providers are added.

It’s free to use, but after you press the minus sign on more than a few email list subscriptions, you’ll be asked to promote the service by tweeting a link, posting it to Facebook, or send out an email if you want to unsubscribe from more lists.

Unroll.me Reviewed

My experience with Unroll.me was a good one. I had been subscribed to probably over 200 lists from all sorts of businesses and marketers trying to sell me stuff. Every once in a while, I’d go through them and mark those email addresses as spam or I’d try to go through a bunch and hit the unsubscribe button, but it was a long and tedious process to deal with.

Lucky for me, I only had so many unwanted subscriptions in two of my Gmail accounts, so that worked perfectly. It would have been a shame if it were on an email provider that Unroll.me didn’t currently support.

Some people may find it annoying to send out the tweet or Facebook post or email, but the least you can do is help promote it for being such an awesome (and very helpful) free service at this point.

I’ll be keeping an eye out on Unroll.me for any future updates on the service.

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