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10 Great Sites with Free Valentine Ecards

Celebrate Valentine's Day with These Fun & Innovative Ecards


Traditionally, we have always given paper Valentine cards to people we admire and care about on February 14th. Now that much of our lives are spent checking email, thumb texting on smartphones, and browsing social networking sites to see what our friends are up to, why not send a few virtual Valentine ecards while you’re at the computer?

Not everyone will appreciate an extra email with an attached ecard, but some still do if you choose the right one and put some thought into sending it. Try to remember to add a personalized message to each one so people don’t automatically classify it as spam.

1. Someecards

Screenshot of Someecards.com

As one of the most popular ecard producers on the web, you’ll be sure to bring a smile to your friends’ and family’s faces with a virtual card from Someecards. The graphics aren’t exactly incredible since they’re kept super simple, but that’s what makes them special (and huge on the web). If you know anyone who loves blunt and often vulgar humor, Someecards should be a sure-fire winner.

2. JibJab

Screenshot of JibJab.com

You already know those infamous dancing Christmas elves with your face plastered on them, back when they were all the rage. Now, JibJab has dancing characters for the Valentine variety too. These are really fun if you want something a little different from the more basic Valentine ecard, and there are lots of JibJab ecards to choose from!

3. 123Greetings

Screenshot of 123Greetings.com

Need to send a more sentimental ecard instead of one that tries to make you laugh? 123Greetings can help you there. This site has a ton of sappy, affectionate or “lovey-dovey” ecards to choose from – similar to the hardcopy ones you’d find in the card section of your local greeting card store.

4. American Greetings

American Greetings
Screenshot of AmericanGreetings.com

American Greetings is one of the biggest retail producers of hardcopy greetings cards with a great selection of free virtual ecards from their website too. They have a great variety to choose from, including ecards for your sweetheart, for your kids, family, friends or anyone else. Whether you want to feel to be romantic, funny or heartfelt, you should be able to find one with American Greetings.

5. FunPunch

Fun Punch
Screenshot of FunPunch.com

The name speaks for itself. Valentine ecards from FunPunch are both fun and hilarious to watch, often accompanied by a neat little animated video. One of the funniest ecards you can send involves a stripper character that you can use with a photograph of your face on it. It doesn’t get much funnier than that!

6. Dgreetings

Screenshot of Dgreetings.com

Feeling a little more romantic and needing a little less humor in your Valentine ecard? Choose from a number of differently animated ecards that come with romantic messages, video or music and add your own personal message as desired below the ecard. Space is unlimited for your personal message so write as much as you like!

7. Yahoo! Kids

Yahoo! Kids
Screenshot of Yahoo.com

This is a great Valentine ecard resource for kids who want to send a fun virtual ecard to their friends, teachers or classmates. All of them are kid-friendly and allow them to personalize each ecard to a specific person. Even if giving out real Valentine cards at school is still pretty mainstream, it’s always fun for kids to get a virtual one too!

8. Egreetings

Screenshot of Egreetings.com
With another great variety of Valentine ecards to choose from, Egreetings offers a range of free and interactive ones to send. Choose from friendly ecards, romantic ecards, funny ecards, or more ways to share love. Be sure to take a look at the most popular section and what’s new.

9. Hallmark

Screenshot of Hallmark.com

Yes, even the biggest greeting card seller makes virtual ecards for you to send. Unfortunately, they’re not free, but they’re still pretty cheap compared to the $5 you might pay for one real greet card. For just $12 a year, you can send as many premium Hallmark ecards you want, during any holiday or special occasion. Not bad, right?

10. Funny-Ecards

Screenshot of Funny-Ecards.com

Finally, as a last resort, there’s funny-ecards.com. Although they might not live up to all your expectations in terms of humor, you can still find some pretty good ones. They’re all free, so you have nothing to lose. They even have a few singing Valentine ecards with professionally recorded soundtracks to choose from.

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