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What is FriendFeed?

FriendFeed Profile


What is FriendFeed?

FriendFeed automates the updates on a wide range of websites. (Image of FriendFeed)

Website: http://www.friendfeed.com
Alexa Ranking: 7,664 (as of 12/16/08)
Description: A social aggregator that consolidates updates on social websites.
Similar Websites: Facebook

FriendFeed Features

  • Track your web usage and display it on a central website
  • Automate your updates from popular sites like Twitter and Digg
  • See what your friends are up to on the Internet

What is FriendFeed?

FriendFeed is a social aggregator that consolidates a user's updates on Twitter, Del.icio.us, Digg, Last.FM, and many other social websites. This is an automated process, so once a user inputs the details of a social website, Friendfeed will automatically keep up with updates from that site.

FriendFeed allows users to subscribe to their friend's updates, which gives them a central location for keeping tabs on their friends.

Why Should I Use FriendFeed?

Friendfeed is very easy to use. The registration process is quick and painless, and once you have set up your blog, Twitter account, Mag.nolia profile, and other hot spots on the Internet, you don't need to do any other heavy lifting to keep it updated.

Friendfeed can import friends from Facebook or your e-mail address, and you can easily track what your friends are up to. Friendfeed is great for those who find themselves hitting multiple websites just to keep tabs on everyone.

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