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Classic Arcade Game Widgets - Your Own Personal 80's Online Arcade

Arcade Widgets For Your Online Arcade


Have you ever wanted your own personal 80's arcade? The following classic arcade game widgets will help you turn Netvibes, or any other personalized start page that accepts web widgets, into your own personal arcade online.

You can even use many of these arcade game widgets on your personal web page, your blog, or even your MySpace or Facebook profile.

So what are you waiting for? Start building your own arcade online by using these game widgets to create an 80's arcade. And don't worry if you don't have any quarters. These arcade game widgets are free!

Donkey Kong

Arcade Game Widget - Donkey Kong

The 1981 arcade classic comes to life with the ever-energized Mario jumping over barrels to save the princess from the mean old giant monkey. Relive the game that started the Mario legend with this arcade game widget.

Space Invaders

Arcade Widget - Space Invaders

In the early 80's, many a night was wasted trying to keep earth safe from an invasion of space invaders set to conquer the world by slowly traveling on horizontal lines. It's lucky for us that the invaders were so slow because we didn't have the technology to fight them back then!


Arcade Game Widget - Breakout

Break through a wall of bricks with a ball and a paddle. Now, that's some real old-fashioned fun for the family, and you can relive it with this great arcade game widget.


Arcade Game Widget - Asteroids

Perhaps the greatest video game ever to only use the colors black and white, Asteroids has entertained millions since it came out in 1979. Watch out for that little alien spaceship!


Arcade Game Widget - Pacman

A list of arcade game widgets wouldn't be complete without the most famous overeater of all time. It does make you wonder how someone that could eat so much could still outrun those spooky multi-colored ghosts, but Pacman manages to do it!


Arcade Game Widget - Frogger

The game that redefined the idea of roadkill -- see how well you can do getting that little frog across the street and through the river to the other side. It might not be as much fun as the log ride at Six Flags, but it beats staring at paint dry.


Arcade Widget - Centipede

From frogs to centipedes and spiders, see how well you can do avoiding their clutches in this retrospective garden. No online arcade could be complete without a Centipede widget.

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