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Viral Trends: Staying On Top of Popular Trends Online


Every day, we see online content like photos, videos, articles, quotes, news stories, memes, ideas, animated GIFs and tons of other great things go viral all across the web. We're so plugged-in to Internet technology these days that we barely realize how connected we are to one another. This level of web connectivity is one of the most powerful tools we have when releasing a great piece of information into the online world.

Unfamiliar with how things go viral online? Trying to keep track of all those great videos and memes without stressing yourself out? About.com is here to help! Check out the links below to get started.

  1. Understanding How Things Go Viral Online
  2. Tracking Viral Trends Online
  3. Exploring the Wonderful World of Internet Memes
  4. Looking at Some of the Most 'Internet Famous' Characters

Understanding How Things Go Viral Online

Most things go viral online entirely by accident. Although nobody can explain the secret formula it takes for something to go viral, we can certainly trace some of the individual characteristics of a piece of viral information and the events that take place during its quick rise to Internet fame.

Tracking Viral Trends Online

Not everything is going to show up automatically in your Facebook or Twitter feed, and it can be tricky to find the good ones at the peak of their viral trending experiences. Here are a few sites and tools that you can use to really stay right on top of what kinds of things are getting shared the most at the moment.

Exploring the Wonderful World of Internet Memes

Once social media became more of a mainstream thing back in the early- to mid-2000s, Internet culture started to take shape. Internet memes are a big part of it, and part of what makes them so great is that they're so funny, so relatable and extremely shareable.

Looking at Some of the Most 'Internet Famous' Characters

A lot of people have had their lives changed just because they shared something online. If a piece of information is destined to go viral, the creator has no control over how much exposure it gets after other people pick up on it and starting sharing it like crazy. Here are a few characters that became Internet famous after accidentally going viral online.

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