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How to Use Twitter (Twitter's New Design)


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Get Familiar With Twitter’s Updated Design
Screenshot of Twitter.com

Twitter has come a long way since the initial design it started with when it first launched. Since then, many of those features have changed and evolved. This guide will take you through the big changes and features you need to know about so you can use Twitter properly.

First, let's take a look at the most obvious design feature changes we notice right away.

Tables: You should notice that the Twitter profile is now divided into three different tables. The top table displays your profile picture and bio information, the sidebar table displays links and images, and the biggest table on the left displays tweets and expanded information.

Sidebar: The sidebar had always previously been located on the right hand side of the Twitter profile. Now, you can find it on the left.

Floating Tweet Box: The tweet box always used to be located at the top of homepage of your feed. When you click on the blue "tweet" icon, the tweet box appears as a separate text input area on top of the Twitter page.

Tweet to Users: Every profile now has a "Tweet to X" box on the top section of the sidebar. If you are browsing somebody's profile and want to send them a tweet, you can do it directly from their Twitter profile page.

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