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How to Use Facebook Timeline


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Plan Out Your Life Events
How to Use Facebook Timeline
Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

When you choose “Life Event” on your Timeline profile's status bar, five different headings should show up. Each of them let you edit specific story events of your life.

Work & Education: Add your jobs, schools, volunteer work or military service you completed during the time periods before you joined Facebook.

Family & Relationships: Edit your engagement date and wedding events. If you want, you can even add the birth date of your children or pets. “Lost a Loved One” is for those who wish the share their feelings on the passing of close friend or family member.

Home & Living: Add all your living arrangements and events including relocation, purchasing a new home or moving in with a new roommate. You can even create events for your brand new car or even your motorcycle in the vehicles section.

Health & Wellness: If you have any specific health concerns you want people to know about, you can report health events like surgeries, broken bones or overcoming certain illnesses.

Travel & Experiences: This section is for all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit in any of the other categories. Add new hobbies, musical instruments, languages learned, tattoos, piercings, travel events and more.

Other Life Event: For anything else you’d like to add, you can create a completely customized life event by pressing the “Other Life Event” option.

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