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Video Sharing

Some of the most shared content online comes in video format. If you love watching YouTube and spend more time watching video online than you do on regular television, you may find some good information about video sharing by browsing through the subcategories below.
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Popular Video Sharing Sites & Apps
There’s nothing quite like watching a great video online. Most of us know that YouTube is at the top of the list, but there are a lot of other great video sharing sites and apps that are worth checking out. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, a casual vlogger or just somebody who likes to take short, home video clips on your phone – there’s...

Vine vs. Instagram Video
Now that almost everyone has a smartphone these days, mobile micro-video sharing has become more popular than ever. Vine, which launched in January of 2013, managed to attract 13 million users barely six months later. And in June of 2013, Instagram extended its range of features to its 130 million monthly active users by launching a new video sharing feature.

What is Instagram Direct?
Instagram Direct is a private messaging feature for the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Although Instagram has been around since 2010, no private messaging was available on the platform until Instagram Direct was finally launched in December 2013. If you wanted to contact another user, you could only do so by commenting on one of their photos or tagging them in a comment on another photo.

Managing YouTube Video Comments

Finding YouTube Music Videos
YouTube is one of the best places you can go to on the web to get your music fix. For many successful artists today, uploading their own YouTube music videos allowed them to get their foot in the door to the music industry. Here are a few tips you can use to find the music video you want to watch, and how to discover new videos, channels and emerging artists that suit your taste in music.

How to Use Instagram Direct
If you're already on Instagram, chances are you've heard about Instagram Direct -- its new built-in private messaging feature. Of course, if you're not familiar, here's a brief explanation of what Instagram Direct really is in a nutshell.

How Mobile Video Became the Next Big Thing
In 2012, online video accounted for 51 percent of all consumer web traffic, making it the most significant year yet for online video consumption. Although we’ve been using popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Hulu for years, only now are we really beginning to see a big shift in how and from where consumers are watching videos online. Nearly half of all tablet owners and 20 percent of smartphone users are watching video content from their devices, suggesting that online video is quietly emerging from the depths of the traditional web and slowly creeping its way on to our mobile devices.

10 Popular and Free Instant Messaging Apps
SMS text messaging is a great and all, but why pay for something when you can get almost the exact same experience (or better) with a free instant messaging app? According to a 2013 article published by The Next Web, the number of SMS text messages we send each day is declining slightly each year, suggesting that mobile instant messaging apps are taking its place.

Watch Vine Videos Online with These 7 Vine Viewers
Watching Vine videos on a mobile device through the official Vine apps is cool and all, but what if you want to look at them on a regular computer through your web browser? Well, theres always Twitter. You can search for terms like vine or vine.co along with any other keywords in the Twitter searchbar to see what kinds of Vine videos people are posting to Twitter.

10 Ways to Get More YouTube Video Views
Uploaded a YouTube video, but not getting any hits? Follow these tips to explode that view count!

10 Free Online GIF Maker Tools for Video
GIFs are taking over the Internet. Here are 5 great tools to check out if you need a very simple video GIF maker option that can be completed in as little as a couple of minutes.

Start Sharing Short Mobile Videos with Keek
Mobile video is a big deal these days, and video-sharing platform Keek knows it. Here's why this little app is so awesome.

10 Video Sharing Apps with the Shortest Time Lengths
Short video is the latest thing to take over social media. Take a look at these 10 video sharing apps that limit your videos to just a few seconds.

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