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What Does 'MT' Mean on Twitter?


What Does 'MT' Mean on Twitter?
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If you’re relatively active on Twitter, chances are you may have come across a tweet or two with the abbreviation “MT” in it.

Let’s cut straight to the chase here. All you really need to know is that 'MT' stands for “Modified Tweet.”

When a user puts 'MT' in a tweet, that user just basically wants you to know that they are retweeting somebody else, but some of the wording has been changed or removed.

Some people like to add the 'MT' plus the original tweeter’s Twitter handle to give them credit, or to add a comment on whatever they tweeted about. Other reasons for adding 'MT' to a tweet may be to add or remove hashtags or other users’ Twitter handles, cut out unnecessary information, or just simply add room in that cramped 140-character space for extra comment.

The 'MT' shortcut is definitely not as popular as the 'RT' retweet one, or hashtags, but it’s catching on slowly. A lot of people still use “RT” even if they do end up modifying the tweet a little bit.

There are no real rules to Twitter, just common trends and abbreviations to help keep our messages short, so tweet however you like! (Just remember to try and be nice, of course.)

Next time you see 'MT' in a tweet, you’ll know what it means.

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