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Social Networking

Social media is one big massive web trend that has helped create and push around new trends. Some have been more popular than others, and you check out the trendiest ones listed in the subcategories below.
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  2. Google Plus (4)
  3. Instagram (35)
  4. Pinterest (9)
  5. Reddit (6)
  6. Social Web Tools (18)
  7. Trends in Social Media (25)
  8. Tumblr (21)
  9. Twitter (34)

The Social Web: Interacting and Sharing Stuff with Others on the Web
Almost everyone has gotten a taste of the social web at least once in their lifetime. Even if you're not the biggest social user on the web, you probably still keep a Facebook around to stay connected with people, lurk through the comments of a couple blogs you like and maybe even check out the Twitter profile of a particular celebrity you...

What is Bitly?

5 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Experience

Get on the Popular Page on Instagram

Digg Reader Reviewed

What is Klout?

10 Popular Twitter Chats

Where Can I Find a Twitter Chat List?

'FOMO' Acronym Meaning

If You Block Someone on Twitter, Do They Know?
You can block absolutely any user on Twitter by navigating to their profile (on the web and on mobile) and clicking the "User Actions" button located beside the Follow/Following button.

How to Use Facebook Timeline
The introduction of the Facebook Timeline has been the one of the biggest changes that has happened to the social network over its existing years. Considering the fact that Timeline is extremely different from the personal profiles were all used to, theres no shame in feeling a little bit lost. This slideshow will guide you through the major features of Facebook Timeline.

Increasing Your Klout Score
If you're trying to build your own personal brand or business brand online, increasing your Klout score could be beneficial. Klout.com is a popular social scoring website that looks at your current social media accounts and your activity on them to measure your social influence. A score between 1 and 100 is assigned to you, which represents your Klout score and overall social impact online. The higher your Klout score ranks, the more you influence other people who are part of your online community.

Make Your Twitter Profile Private
Twitter is known for its openness and opportunity to follow or be followed by almost anyone, but every user has the option to make their Twitter profile private. By default, Twitter user accounts are always set to public. So when you first create an account, anyone who visits your profile will be able to see your tweets, unless you make your profile private.

How to Take a Good Selfie

What is Instagram Direct?
Instagram Direct is a private messaging feature for the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Although Instagram has been around since 2010, no private messaging was available on the platform until Instagram Direct was finally launched in December 2013. If you wanted to contact another user, you could only do so by commenting on one of their photos or tagging them in a comment on another photo.

How to Use Instagram Direct
If you're already on Instagram, chances are you've heard about Instagram Direct -- its new built-in private messaging feature. Of course, if you're not familiar, here's a brief explanation of what Instagram Direct really is in a nutshell.

Block Twitter Followers

10 of the Hottest Social Apps for Teens
Social networking isn't what it was just 10 years ago. Gone are the days when MySpace and Facebook ruled the web. Now, practically everyone's gone mobile, with real-time photo and video sharing becoming the big trend that people are most excited about -- especially teenagers.

Make a Recipe with IFTTT
IFTTT is an amazing Internet service that lets you build your own web-based actions to help automate and simplify your life.

How Can I See Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?
When you lose followers on Instagram, the app doesn't tell you who it was or when it happened. If you notice your follower count go down and are left wondering who decided to unfollow you for whatever reason, there are ways you can track it. If you can find out who unfollowed you, you can reach out to them and potentially get them back again.

Popular Tumblr Tags List
Tumblr is a great blogging platform and social network in itself, but not everyone knows exactly how to tag their posts so they get seen by new potential followers. If you're looking to increase your Tumblr following, get more likes, have more people reblog your stuff and just get your blog out there, then you should be tagging your posts with the tags that lots of people are looking at.

How to Get Tumblr Followers
Tumblr is an insanely popular blogging platform that a lot of young people are using to share content, and part of what makes Tumblr so unique is its community and the ability to follow other users' blogs.

What does 'fitblr' mean?

Manual Retweet Definition
What is a 'manual retweet' on Twitter? If you're on Twitter, you probably already know what a retweet is and how it works. A manual tweet involves usually copying and pasting another user's tweet into the Compose new Tweet box and then typing 'RT' (which stands for retweet) directly before the tweet text, followed by the Twitter handle of the user who originally tweeted it.

How Do I Make Instagram Private?
Question: How do I make Instagram private? Answer: To make your Instagram profile private, go to your personal profile by tapping the profile icon on the far right of the lower menu on the Instagram mobile app. From there, tap "Edit your profile."

Instagram Weekday Hashtags
Instagram is great for sharing tons of photos with your friends when you're on the go, but some people will use almost any excuse to post photos and engage with other users. Trendy hashtags are great way to do that.

How Do I Track Instagram Comments?
Question: How Do I Track Instagram Comments? Answer: You can use a free web-based tool called Statigram to effectively track all your comments on Instagram. Statigram is the leading analytics and marketing tool for Instagram, which connects directly to your account so you can manage comments, find out which photos have performed the best, see how many followers you lost and so much more.

Managing YouTube Video Comments

Do an Instagram Search for Tags and Users
Instagram is a great way to connect and share quick photos on the go with close friends and family, but if you want to find specific photos or users, you need to learn how to use Instagram's search function.

Make Personalized Comics with the Free Bitstrips Comic Builder App
Bitstrips is a very popular comic builder app that people are using to create funny cartoons of themselves and tell stories about their lives through personalized web comics. Since all the tools are already provided for you, along with a wide range of scenes to choose from, making your own characters and building your comic is actually very easy.

Where Can I Find Tumblr Love Quotes and Life Quotes?
Question: Where Can I Find Tumblr Love Quotes and Life Quotes? Answer: You can find Tumblr love quotes or life quotes and related content or blogs by using Tumblr's internal search function. All you have to do is type "love quotes" or "life quotes" in the search bar to see what first comes up. From there, you can do some more exploring.

All About Tumblr Trends
Tumblr is one of the hottest social blogging platforms not only on the traditional web, but on mobile devices too. Check out some of the following links to help you get a leg up on really understanding how to use Tumblr.

Whisper App Lets You Share Anonymous Confessions Online
Ever posted a Facebook status update or a tweet on Twitter and then later regretted it? With so many social networking sites and apps out there along with the pressure to share every aspect of our lives online with our friends, it's no surprise that over-sharing is becoming more of a problem these days.

All About Snapchat Trends
Snapchat is an instant messaging app that seems as if it came out of nowhere and took the smartphone-addicted world by storm. It's one of the most popular apps that teens and young adults are using these days to get in touch and chat back and forth with one another.

Using the 'We Heart It' Image-sharing App

13 Social Networking Sites You Should Be Using
The most popular social networking sites sure have changed over the years, and you can expect they'll continue to change. Here are the most popular ones right now.

What Is a News Feed?
What is a news feed? If you're not clear on what this term means, read on to find out how social networking sites, blogs and other popular websites use it.

What Is Tinder?
Tinder is a popular social networking and online dating app that basically uses your Facebook account and location data to match you up with other users in your area.

10 Popular Ways to Share GIFs

10 Popular Social Media Posting Trends

10 Old Facebook Trends
Facebook is still a young social network, but it's seen a lot of changes. Take a look back at some of the big trends we've seen come and go.

How to Put a Location in an Instagram Photo or Video
Adding a location in an Instagram photo can be useful for letting your followers where you are, without needing to state it in the caption. Here's how to do it.

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