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Internet Culture

The Internet has developed its very own cultural characteristics, largely driven by the social web and online communities. Check out the subcategories below to understand more about Internet culture.
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What is Internet Trolling?
If you have a strong social presence online or at least consider yourself to be pretty active in online communities, you may have experienced what many savvy Internet users call “being trolled.” Being trolled, or the act of trolling, is something we all have to deal with increasingly as the Internet becomes more social. Here’s a brief introduction to trolling for those of you who aren’t quite clear on what it actually means.

10 Very Famous Internet Cats
For some amazingly weird and unknown reason, the Internet seems to love cats more than any other animal. No other furry critter even comes close. Photos, videos, GIFs and crazy viral memes of cats rule the web, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, thanks to wildly successful viral power of the average housecat, several photogenic felines have found fame through social media and image sharing websites. Check out the list below to see some of the most famous Internet cats.

What is 'Weird Twitter'?

'FOMO' Acronym Meaning

Stop Procrastinating on the Internet

10 Great Sites for Web Geek Gifts

Rage Faces: Internet Meme Faces and Funny Memes
Ever heard of Rage Faces or Rage Comics? Spending a lot of time on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Reddit will expose you to a strange phenomenon called the Internet meme. An Internet meme is usually a photo, video or general idea from the Internet that gets passed around rapidly from one user to another. These photos or videos become so popular that they help reshape and redefine Internet culture, thus being defined as memes.

What does 'fitblr' mean?

The Life and Death of Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird was a simple yet impossibly difficult mobile game available on both iOS and Android platforms, which went viral on the web in early 2014. Almost as quickly as it became the hottest new mobile game all over the world, it was later pulled offline by the developer who created it, Dong Nguyen.

10 of the Most Current Trends on the Web
As time moves forward, the state of the web continues to change and evolve right before our very eyes. Here are 10 of the most current trends on the web today.

10 Great Trend Blogs
Looking for blogs that follow interesting trends online? Look no further than than these popular blogs for the funniest, weirdest and most interesting content.

10 Internet Words You Can Find in the Oxford Dictionary
Internet culture has created a lot more new words than you might think. Here are just 10 of the most popular ones now found in the Oxford Dictionary.

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