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How to Pronounce 'GIF'

Here's How to Say the Popular Acronym That's Taken Over Online Culture


How to Pronounce 'GIF'
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GIF isn’t just an acronym anymore. It’s increasing use in web culture and everyday langauge has basically helped transform it into a real word. But what is a GIF, and how do you pronounce it when you want to actually say it? Find out below!

How Do You Pronounce 'GIF' Out Loud?

To remind everyone, a GIF is a moving image. It uses many different images that move quickly, making it appear like short video. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

Nobody actually says “Graphics Interchange Format” out loud, and people don’t commonly say the letters G-I-F in the acronym either. So how should you say it?

The general trend has slowly seen people move toward pronouncing the acronym like jiff with a hard “j”, although some people argue that it should be pronounced with a hard “g” like in “good” or “great.” You could technically pronounce it either way.

See How to Pronounce 'GIF' with YouTube

If you need to actually hear with your own ears how to pronounce “GIF” you can do a simple search on YouTube for terms like “GIF pronunciation” or “how to pronounce GIF.” A bunch of videos should turn up in the results of short clips demonstrating the correct pronunciation.

Here’s one that you can watch and listen to right now.

GIF: Word of the Year (2012)

The Oxford American Dictionary chose “GIF” as the world of the year in 2012. You can check out the definition here at OxfordDictionaries.com.

Where to Find Great GIFs

Now that you know how to pronounce it, you might be interested in looking for the greatest GIFs that the web has to offer. If you haven’t checked out our article on where to find funny GIFs online, you can start there.

Make Your Own GIFs

Ever wonder how people make GIFs? About.com has a variety of tutorials that show you a few different ways you can create your own GIF. Check them out:

There are also a number of mobile apps available from iTunes or Google Play that let you easily make a GIF. You simply take a video with your smartphone and the app does all the dirty work for you, transforming it into a moving GIF image.

Check out these eight free GIF maker apps for iPhone and Android.

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