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Evolution of the Web

The web moves fast. In as little as a year or two, the state of the Internet can go through some huge changes. Considering how young the web still is, it's amazing to look back and reflect on how much change we've seen. Check out the following subcategories to explore some of the past trends we've seen fly by.
  1. Changing Trends in Social Media (9)
  2. Web History (5)

'Internet of Things' Definition
Question: What is the Internet of Things? Answer: The Internet of Things (or IoT for short) is a term that is used to describe the concept of any object's ability to communicate and transfer data via an online IP-based network. The term itself was originally coined back in 1999 by Kevin Ashton during a presentation with Proctor & Gamble.

10 of the Most Current Trends on the Web
As time moves forward, the state of the web continues to change and evolve right before our very eyes. Here are 10 of the most current trends on the web today.

10 Old Facebook Trends
Facebook is still a young social network, but it's seen a lot of changes. Take a look back at some of the big trends we've seen come and go.

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