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One of the biggest trends online is the movement away from saving stuff locally and putting it "in the cloud" instead, so it can be accessed from anywhere. Check out the subcategories below to get started with cloud computing.
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Uploading and Downloading Documents with Scribd

How Mobile Video Became the Next Big Thing
In 2012, online video accounted for 51 percent of all consumer web traffic, making it the most significant year yet for online video consumption. Although we’ve been using popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Hulu for years, only now are we really beginning to see a big shift in how and from where consumers are watching videos online. Nearly half of all tablet owners and 20 percent of smartphone users are watching video content from their devices, suggesting that online video is quietly emerging from the depths of the traditional web and slowly creeping its way on to our mobile devices.

10 Cloud-based Apps for Creating To-do Lists
The traditional pen-to-paper list or post-it note has inspired a lot of developers to come up with a variety of cloud-based platforms and mobile apps. Check them out.

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