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child exploitationSeptember 21, 2012 By scooternl
We are a group working in Thailand, Philippines and the Netherlands against child exploitation and especially on the social media web sites Knowing it is not an unknown matter for Tagged/Hi5 we made a further investigation by infiltrating in many groups/profiles What we found was more than disgusting Just a few clicks and a teen looking profile, because you can have your profile from 13 year age, turns into a profile linking to under aged porn sites Most of them password protected, known by those members, mostly Dutch Hi5 removed one, yes one!!! profile (which was back in less than 12 hours under almost the same name) from the 150 we investigated and find proof from child abuse, because there was a child picture directly on that Tagged profile All the others, more than 150 with hidden links are not in violation with Tagged and we were told to contact the police instead of Tagged Fake profiles on Tagged are estimated between 50 and 80 % , sure it is good for Tagged that way Fake is not a problem for us but child abuse is Please Tagged care about those children and not about the money you get from those profile owners just using Tagged/Hi5 to distribute their dirty links and pictures Please!!!
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Tagged.comFebruary 22, 2012 By aztallguy32
So I was approached by a recruiter to work for tagged.com so I did some research. Tagged.com does have a lot of good things. It is sort of like a 1 shopping place for all your social needs. The difference between them and facebook is that they allow you to meet new people instead of staying in touch with older friends. The interface is alright and easy to navigate through. I am a designer with a usability background so I do know what I am talking about. One thing I do see about this site is it can come out as looking kind of sleezy. You are suppose to meet new people so you randomly browse people and send them a message like most dating sites. Because of this the best people do not join this site. It kind of becomes a hook up site. I did some testing. I messaged 20 people, just a simple ""hi"" and I got ""NO"" responses which allows me to believe there is also a lot of fake people on the site to make them look bigger then they are. They say there are 100 million users and I am betting maybe closer to 1 million. Also coming from a game background I can tell you their new games are awful. They have a very poor interface, very confusing, and just ugly, especially if you compare them to some of the social games Facebook has. If they were smart they would fire all their designers that make their games. What they should do is make it less of a dating site. Meetup.com has a really good look and feel to meeting new people. They should allow people to set up groups and invite people to the groups and then that can go on the user's google calendar. They should get rid of the random browsing feature. Get rid of the ugly feature for users to change their background. That was bad on myspace and bad on tagged. If you want to offer your users some control then have them add widgets, badges or apps to their page. Fire your designers and hire people with talent. The whole pet thing is so cheesy. I do like the idea of award and earning money but buying people is so stupid.
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Tagged is horribleNovember 26, 2011 By jimguyven
This site (compared to other social media) just plain sucks! The interface makes no sense, they spam you and on top of all the sites drops you from membership (this happened to 2 other friends of mine on the site. Not worth the effort.
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Tagged is a very Dangerous WebsiteJune 08, 2010 By JenniferWalters
Friends asked me to join when it was for University people for social networking, then it switched into a site that was as near porn as one could get and it spammed constantly. Obviously, it got a rap over the knuckles and began to conform. Then it suddenly changed again and gave the appearance of almost being moralistic and puritanical. Whether it is still run by a crowd in San Francisco from a PO address, who really knows. What I do know is that it now spews out not only spam by unloads Trojans and Virus' galore on unsuspecting members. Phishing? I can't be sure. But I can say it nearly cost me the use of my computer until I took it to the Tech people who told me where all the Trojans were all coming from. Become a member of TAGGED at your own risk and be ready to buy a new replacement computer as a result.
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Tagged UpdateJanuary 25, 2010 By TaggedSF
Tagged has completely revamped its registration and invitation process to ensure people are no longer confused when inviting their friends. The site has also removed any and all questionable advertising offers and made a number of general improvements to site user interface and navigation.
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Taqqed Is Da Best..!May 04, 2009 By StacyJ.
Well I Say Taqqed is by Far The Best Website Out Riqht Now Its Very Fun ..! Tlk To New People From All Over Learn Diffrent Cultures..! And I Say Its Sum Fine AsZ Guys On There..! Lol But Consider Joininq Taqqed It Keeps You Wantinq More And More..! Frankly, I Say Im Additcited To Taqqed..! I Have Met So Many People Off There And I Have Learned So Many Cultures And Different Things I Never Knew ..! I Say JOiN N0W..! -STACYJ.
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