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The Wiki List

A List of Wiki Sites by Category


The wiki list is a guide to wikis broken down by categories. Wikis are a great source of information whether you are wanting to find out basic facts about a person or company, detailed product information, movie facts and trivia, or even video game strategy. With this list of wikis, you can easily find more information about any number of subjects.

This wiki list includes wikis from wiki farms as well as individual wikis. The list of wikis is constantly maintained, and any omissions can be posted on the forums.

Entertainment Wikis

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Description: A list of entertainment wikis covering popular books, movies, music, television. These wikis can cover a whole series of movies, like Star Wars, or just one movie. Also included are wikis covering Internet entertainment sites.

Food and Drink Wikis

List of Wiki - Food and Drink

Description: A list of food and drink wikis including cookbooks, bartending guides, and restaurant reviews. This wiki list is great for those preparing to entertain guests. Get interesting ideas for meals, or just instructions for a great after dinner cocktail.

Game Wikis

Wiki List - Games

Description: A list of game wikis containing hints, tips, strategies and guides to popular games. This wiki list is a must for the game enthusiasts that wants to put together a superior strategy for playing games or just look up spoilers to get past a difficult level.

Health Wikis

List of Wiki - Health

Description: Health wikis cover everything from general health to diseases to symptoms to treatments. This wiki list also includes wikis covering fitness, diet, and physical or mental well-being.

Political Wikis

List of Wiki - Politics

Description: Political wikis concentrate on articles and entries of political interest or articles of general interest with a political standpoint. This can include a wiki about a political party, or just a wiki written to from a political point of view.

Product and Shopping Wikis

Wiki List - Product and Shopping

Description: Product and shopping wikis range from wikis devoted to consumer reports to alert shoppers to potential problems with a product, to wikis focused on product reviews or comparisons, to wikis centering on a particular type of product like cars or motorcycles. A great companion to online shopping, this wiki list is for those that want to get all the information before making a purchase.

Reference Wikis

Wiki List - Reference

Description: A list of reference wikis including encyclopedias, dictionaries, quotations, how-to articles, tax almanacs and language reference guides. This wiki list includes the popular Wikimedia Foundation wikis like Wikipedia along with other popular reference wikis.

Religious Wikis

List of Wiki - Religion

Description: Religious wikis concentrate on religious text, religious history, religious discussions, debate over religious topics, and sharing the faith. This wiki list includes everything from Christian wikis to Hinduism wikis to Pagan wikis. For the purposes of creating an impartial list, the only requirement for a wiki being listed as a religious wiki is that (1) it is updated and maintained frequently and (2) it concerns a subject matter to which the target audience feels is religious.

Sports Wikis

List of Wikis - Sports

Description: A list of sports wikis with subjects including fantasy sports, football, baseball, basketball, golf, etc. This wiki list includes wikis that cover an individual sport as well as a multitude of sports.

Travel and Geography Wikis

Wiki List - Travel and Geography

Description: Travel and geography wikis concentrate on those wikis whose subject matter includes travel, tourism, architecture, and local news and information. This wiki list is a great companion for those getting ready for a vacation, or professionals who have to travel a lot in their work.

Wiki Farms

Wiki List - Wiki Farms

Description: Wiki farms are a great way to get involved in a wiki community or start your own wiki. They are also an excellent choice for small businesses, schools or organizations who are looking to create a hosted wiki.

Wikimedia Foundation Wikis

List of Wiki - Wikimedia

Description: A list of wikis run by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization operating several collaborative projects including Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

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