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Got Wiki Questions? Get Wiki Answers Through a Wiki Search at Wiki.com

Wiki.com is a great way to narrow down your search results to just wikis like Wikipedia and Wikia. If you are looking for a way to eliminate news and other results and simply highlight basic information, Wiki.com is a great way to do a wiki search.

The Business Wiki

The business wiki is transforming the way we work. More companies are turning to the power of the wiki to streamline internal communications both on a multi-location platform and within a single location.

How to Get Started With Wikis

A beginners guide to wikis covering what a wiki is, what its benefits are, and how a wiki can best be used.

What is a Wiki?

A beginner's guide to understanding what a wiki is and why wikis have become such a popular source of information gathering and knowledge sharing.

Wikis in a Nutshell

Wikis are everywhere these days covering a wide range of subjects, but just what is a wiki and what makes them so popular?

A Comprehensive Guide to Wikis

A Comprehensive Guide to Wikis separates the numerous wikis into basic categories like reference, entertainment, sports, gaming, etc.

How To Get Started Editing Wikis

A guide to how to get started editing wikis with tips on where to start and how to deal with the markup language used in various wikis.

Search All Wikis at the Same Time

A how-to article on how to search all wikis at the same time.

The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game is a multiplayer game where groups of players compete to arrive at a specific Wikipedia page by clicking through links in the content.

The Downside of Wikis

An article exploring the downside of community-based wikis, and how the ability for anyone to edit can lead to wrong or misinformation.

Write an Article for Wikipedia

This article gives step by step instruction on how to write a new article for the popular website Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Writing Guide

Wikipedia's guide to writing your first encyclopedia entry.

Wikipedia Entry on 'Wiki'

The Wikipedia entry on the term 'wiki', its history, and its use.
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