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10 Great Desktop Widgets

Yahoo Widgets For Your Desktop


Desktop Widgets can be handy little utilities that enhance productivity, scan the internet for the latest weather predictions or news headlines, or even provide a little desktop fun. These great desktop widgets will extend the usefulness of your desktop to the Internet and beyond.

The following desktop widgets are a part of Yahoo's widget gallery. To utilize them, you must first download Yahoo's widget toolbar.


Great Desktop Widgets - Informer

Description: The Informer is a great widget that will display vital statistics about your computer like CPU and memory usage, check your mail, give you quick access to apps and folders without cluttering up your desktop, and even play Internet radio stations.

JC Sticky Deluxe

Sticky Pad Desktop Widget

Description: Great for keeping your refrigerator clean, this sticky pad widget lets you write little notes to yourself and stick them on your desktop. You can even change the size and color of the sticky note.

Wikipedia-Wiktionary Search

Great Desktop Widgets - Wikipedia

Description: This handy reference widget will search the Wiki Foundation wikis including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikisource and Wikibooks.


Great Desktop Widgets - Scribbler

Description: This great widget stores what you have copied to the clipboard and allows you to quickly recall it back to the clipboard. Excellent for people who do a lot of copy and pasting.

Mini iTunes Remote

iTunes Remote

Description: A popular widget for controlling your iTunes playlists, this widget also allows you to control the volume and set ratings for the songs.

Yahoo! Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker

Description: A great widget for keeping one eye on the market, but results are delayed up to 20 minutes, so serious investors need look elsewhere.

NY Times Reader

Great Desktop Widgets - NYTimes

Description: Have your morning paper without having to go out to the lawn and get it, this nifty widget will display the New York Times headlines and give you quick access to articles.

RSS Reader

RSS Reader Widget

Description: Not the most beautiful widget, but a highly functional RSS Reader that will let you keep an eye on your favorite blog or newsfeed.

Yahoo! Maps

Great Desktop Widgets - Yahoo Maps

Description: Nice little desktop version of Yahoo! Maps, features an easy to navigate interface.

Yahoo! Widget Gallery

Yahoo! Gallery

Description: If you are really into desktop widgets, this one is a must. It allows you to search the widget gallery and install new widgets without ever opening your web browser.

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