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Widgets - Spice Up Your Web

Widgets are small, portable pieces of code that can be used to enhance your personal start page, website, or blog.
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Have You Created a Widget?

Widgets can be both useful and a lot of fun and can provide a social networking profile or a blog with extra functionality. Have you created a widget? Show it off.

The Best Free Widget Games On The Web

Free game widgets can increase the traffic to your blog by attracting new users and inviting existing readers to stick around longer.

How To Get Started With Widgets

A guide to getting started with widgets.

10 Great Yahoo Widgets For Your Desktop

Desktop Widgets can be handy little utilities that enhance productivity, scan the internet for the latest weather predictions or news headlines, or even provide a little desktop fun.

What is the Difference Between a Web Widget and a Desktop Widget?

An article explaining the differences between a web widget and a desktop widget and when it is best to use one over the other.

10 Fun Widgets For Your Blog

Widgets can bring a lot of productivity and utility to your blog. They can also bring a lot of fun for your readers. Entertaining widgets can bring out your personality and provide an extra touch to your blog.

Get the Guitar Hero Widget

Get the code for the Guitar Hero III widget.

9 Productive Web Widgets

Widgets can be used to add productivity and utility to personalized start pages, blogs and social networking profiles by adding the ability to quickly search relevant news sites, look up stock quotes, or even find coupons.

The Top Widget Galleries and Providers

Widgets can spice up your web life by adding fun and utility to personalized start pages, blogs, and social networking profiles, but they cannot spice up your web if you cannot find them. The following is a list of the top widget galleries and providers.

Widgetbox - Widgets Made Simple

Widgetbox is a widget syndication site that makes it easy to find fun or useful widgets and automates the installation of the widget onto many different sites like Blogger and MySpace.

What's the Difference Between a Widget and a Gadget?

An article explaining the difference between a web widget and a gadget.

Web Widgets -- What Are They, and How Can I Use Them?

An article covering web widgets including an explanation of web widgets and how to add them to your website, blog, or personalized start page.

Wiki on Widgets

The Wikipedia entry on web widgets.
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