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20 Really Cool Websites To Help Cure Boredom

Waste Time With These Cool Websites


11. Dogster

Description: Don't you go around thinking that social networking is just for us humans! Fido wants to network too. Dogster is a really cool website for dog-lovers that lets you register your dog with the network and make friends with other dog-lovers.

12. Zimbio

Description: Become the editor and lead writer of your very own magazine at Zimbio. Social news with a twist, Zimbio allows you to create your own e-zine. You can also register your blog's web feed to enable it to be included as a source of articles.

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13. Homestar Runner

Description: Homestar Runner has been around for a while, but it is still one of the funniest web destinations with a whole host of games and flash cartoons to keep you entertained. While you are there, be sure to watch the origins of Trogdor the Burninator.

14. GameHuddle

Description: If you like games, then this is your website. GameHuddle is gaming social network that allows you to share your gamer ids, show off your game collection, review games, read game articles, and find other gamers. A great way to hook up with people to play Call of Duty IV Modern Warfare or talk about the good old days of playing Everquest.

15. Uncyclopedia

Description: Ever wonder what Wikipedia would look like in one of those alternate universes where everything is completely the opposite? The best way to describe the Uncyclopedia is that it is the anti-wiki bringing people together for the sake of falsehood.

16. Kinset

Description: Have you ever thought that going to the mall would be great if you didn't actually have to go to the mall? Skip the frustration of finding a parking spot and visit Kinset's virtual shopping mall. A 3D experience, Kinset lets you browse from one shop to the next like you are really there.

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17. CoolestGizmo

Description: If cool gadgets are your idea of what makes a website cool, then this is the blog for you. CoolestGizmo explore the wonderful world of technology and brings back the coolest gadgets.

18. World Golf Tour

Description: Move over Tiger Woods Golf, there is a new king of golf games now! Well, okay, maybe World Golf Tour won't cause sales of Tiger Woods' golf game to to plummet, but it's still pretty fun to play.

19. GoogleFight

Description: Ever want to know who would win in a fight between David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson? You can find out at Googlefight where keyword phrases duke it out to find out who has the most links from Google.

20. Cool Site of the Day

Description: What better way to end the list of coolest websites than with a website about cool websites? Find more neat websites like the ones on this list with the blog that uncovers one cool website each day.

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