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7 Good Mashups You Have Never Heard About


A mashup is defined as a web application that takes data from one or more sources and presents it in a unique way. Often, the end result is just another way of looking at the information. But, sometimes, the combination of data or the new way of presenting it provides extra value whereby the mashup can be even more useful than the original websites.

The following is a list of seven good mashups that aren't the most popular of their kind and you have probably never heard about before, but each provides a useful slant on the information and additional value for the user.


HousingMaps Mashup

Description: A good mashup for anyone in the market for a new home, HousingMaps takes information from Craigslist and combines it with Google Maps to create a great utility for finding a house for sale or one for rent.


Good Mashup - Quotably

Description: Quotably is a really good mashup for anyone that gets into discussions on Twitter. It operates by taking the replies and creating threaded conversations so that it is easy to follow the discussion.

Twitter Census

Good Mashups - Twitter Census

Description: Twitter Census allows you to create polls and uses Twitter to gather responses. The responses are then tallied and displayed on the Twitter Census website.



Description: This mashup takes information from FatWallet and SlickDeals and arranges it into a tag cloud. This allows you to get a visual representation of the most popular deals for the day and quickly find the hottest deal happening on any given day.


GolfBonk Mashup

Description: Great for any golfer, this mashup allows you to search for golf courses in a specific area and zoom in to view the course hole by hole to get a leg up on the competition or just to get a better idea of the course hazards.


TSMaps Good Mashup

Description: This mashup gathers breaking news from a wide range of sources and displays them on a map of the world. Countries with breaking news are highlighted in orange, and you can click on any country to get headline news.


Good Mashups - PubWalk

Description: Pubwalk combines Google Maps with information from CitySearch to create a good mashup to check while barhopping. Get the latest information on bars and pubs in your location and leave your own review.

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