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Web Mashups - When the Whole is Better Than the Parts

A web mashup uses information from multiple websites to create something new and different.
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Microsoft Popfly Guide - Create a Twitter Mashup Using Popfly

This Microsoft Popfly guide will take the reader through the steps needed to create a Twitter mashup using Popfly.

How To Mashup Flickr With Your Blog Using Yahoo Pipes

A guide to using Yahoo Pipes to create a mashup combining Flickr images with your blog by mashing up the rss feed with Flickr.

The 10 Best Mashups on the Web

Web mashups are skyrocketing in popularity, and the best mashups are both visually appealing and either useful or, at least, entertaining to the point of needing to come with a warning label not to view at work if you want to get anything done.

7 Good Mashups You Have Never Heard About

You may not have heard of these mashups, but each of them provides utility and usefulness beyond that of the original website the information came from.

Mapbuilder - A Rapid Mashup Development Tool For Maps

Mapbuilder is a rapid mashup development tool designed for quickly making mashups integrated with Yahoo or Google Maps.

What is a Mashup?

A mashup is the combination of two or more data sources under a unified interface, usually creating something unique through the combination. Confused? This article will break it down for you.

Be Your Own Weather Forecaster and Traffic Reporter With WeatherBonk

A profile of WeatherBonk, a web mashup that allows anyone to be their own weather forecaster or traffic reporter.

Find a Wii Before Christmas -- Hunting for Hard-To-Find Items From Home

A profile of FindNearby.net, a web mashup that combines data from Amazon, Ebay, and other shopping venues with Google Maps to create a visual representation of nearby deals.

A Review of Hopstop

A review of Hopstop, a website dedicated to giving travel directions to those that use mass transit.

What is the Difference Between a Web Mashup and a Distributed Portal?

The difference between a web mashup and a distributed portal is small, but distinct. This article discusses that difference.

Mashup Articles and Pages on Del.icio.us

A listing of popular pages tagged with mashup on Del.icio.us.

Wiki on Mashups

The Wikipedia entry on Web Mashups including a comparison between mashups and portals.
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