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Top Online RSS Readers

Best Free Online RSS Readers on the Web


The top online RSS readers can be just as good as offline RSS feed readers thanks to AJAX and the Web 2.0 explosion. These web-based RSS readers often use drag-and-drop functionality to make using them a breeze. They are also free, which makes it easier to try out different ones until you find the reader you like.


bloglines RIP : (
burtonwood + holmes/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

Features: Organize feeds into folders, save article clippings, email articles to friends, drag and drop functionality, three ways to view a feed: Quick View, Full View, and 3-Pane View

Description: An online reader with some good features, Bloglines lets you view feeds in multiple ways so you can get the information the way you want it. The easy-to-use drag and drop interface still has a few rough spots, but still shines above most other online offerings.

Price: Free


Online RSS Reader - Newsgator

Features: Organize RSS feeds into folders, view consolidated feeds, save article clippings, email articles to friends, drag and drop functionality.

Description: Doesn't offer as many features as other online RSS readers, which can be a good thing if you don't need all the extras. Very easy to use and the ability to drag and drop feeds into folders makes organizing your RSS feeds a snap.

Price: Free

Google Reader

Online RSS Reader - Google Feed Reader

Features: Organize feeds into folders, multiple ways to read RSS feeds, star articles you like, email articles to friends, drag and drop functionality

Description: Though quirky in some areas like how you create new folders, Google Reader is a solid RSS feed reader with some nice features such as the ability to mark articles as read while you read them based on actually scrolling to the article.

Price: Free


Online RSS Reader - MyYahoo

Features: Organize feeds into tabs, preview articles before opening

Description: Surprisingly enough, MyYahoo is one of the most popular online RSS readers despite being a personalized start page rather than a true online RSS feed reader. And, so long as you only need to keep up with a few feeds, MyYahoo can be a great reader. But once you fill up a couple of tabs, it might be time to move on to a true reader.

Price: Free


Online RSS Reader - Genwi

Features: Manage RSS feeds and friend activity across the web, supports blogs, videos, streaming music and photos

Description: Genwi is both an online RSS reader and a friend manager. By combining the ability to keep up with your favorite blogs or news feeds with the ability to read a friend's Twitter updates, Flickr photo stream or YouTube items, Genwi has the potential of becoming a one-stop shop in keeping up with the web.

Price: Free


Online RSS Reader - Rojo

Features: Group feeds by tags, add feeds without registering with site, vote on articles

Description: This RSS feed reader has some interesting features and is pretty to look at, but it has bad usability in places and can be confusing to use. Also seems to choke on some feeds for no understandable reason. Overall, seems a little rough around the edges.

Price: Free


Online RSS Reader - Feedshow

Features: Organize feeds into folders, email articles to friends, two different views to display feeds

Description: Feedshow doesn't have anything to make it stick out from the pack. The interface lacks usability, does not support drag and drop, and can be confusing to those new to RSS feed readers. Newly added feeds can also take a while to show up, which puts a big dent in Feedshow's usefulness.

Price: Free

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