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What Is Quora?


What Is Quora?

What is Quora?

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What is Quora? It's maybe a question that can be best answered on Quora itself.

"Quora is a collection of questions and answers that is created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The main goal is to be the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about each question."

It's also one of the buzziest web sites around right now.

Quora's Beginnings:

Quora was founded by former Facebook CTO Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009. Cheever also spent time at Facebook before starting Quora.

How to Use Quora:

Creating an account is easy. You can do so using your Twitter or Facebook accounts and both options set you up to automatically follow the people you already know from those sites. Once you have an account, you can ask and answer questions, suggest edits to previously given answers, vote up or down answers, follow other users and more.

It's important to point out that questions and answers must be asked and answered under your real name. The belief is that attaching your actual persona to your activity on the site will ultimately increase the quality through accountability.

Why Quora is Unique:

Is Quora any different from a site like Yahoo Answers or Answers.com? Yes and no. The questions tend to be based less on facts and more on the personal take of the users answering the questions. Also, the service benefits from a more exclusive user base who feel responsible for the overall experience on the site. That certainly has the potential to change as it becomes more and more popular.

The site also has an elaborate set of guidelines that can protect the intregity of the site while perhaps confusing some new users.

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