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What is Twitter? How do you get started using it? What is a retweet? What is follow Friday? This Twitter guide will explain the service, help you create an account, and guide you to popular Twitter applications.

As Twitter has evolved from a microblogging service into a popular social messaging platform, it has been instrumental in providing the "pulse" on news and events across the globe. In addition to its widespread acceptance among the news media and entertainment industry, Twitter has also become a popular social media marketing tool and a great way to communicate with both friends and co-workers.

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What is Twitter? Why Use It?

While Twitter's popularity has grown exponentially since its launch in 2006, many people still don't quite know what Twitter is or how Twitter could be useful to them. These Twitter guides and articles will take a look at Twitter, explain what makes the social messaging platform so popular, and suggest how you can put it to good use.

The Twitter Basics

Ready to dive in and give Twitter a try? These simple Twitter guides will help you get started on Twitter from logging in and creating your account to following people to participating in Twitter events such as Follow Friday.

Twitter Guides

Are you looking for a Twitter guide to help build your following? Do you want to know how to spruce up your Twitter profile? Or perhaps you just want some handy Twitter tips to help you get started?

The Twitter Language

The Twitter community has created their own little language to describe the microblogging service, everything from calling a Twitter update a 'tweet' to referring to other Twitter users as 'tweeple' to even naming the Twitter language 'Twerminology'.

Twitter Clients, Widgets and Applications

In addition to the Twitter website, a whole host of clients, widgets, web mashups, stand-alone applications and even iPhone apps have been created. In addition to providing access to the Twitter service, many of these applications expand upon the service by adding new features or taking Twitter into an entirely different direction, such as TweetDeck's inclusion of groups into the Twitter experience and TwitterVision's view of tweets coming in from around the world.

About.com on Twitter

You can also follow some of your favorite About.com guides on Twitter.

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