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20 Very Funny Twitter Parody Accounts

The Funniest Tweets from a Few of the Best Twitter Personalities


If you’re a regular Twitter addict, you’ve probably come across a few familiar faces from time to time on the social network. Of course, we all know that Twitter is famous for having big name celebrities and high profile individuals tweeting here and there, usually characterized by their massive followings and verified accounts. But that’s not all that gets the Twitterverse excited.

There have been some very witty and creative people who have taken on the personalities of some of the most well-known celebs and fictional characters, successfully turning them into hilarious parodies for everyone to enjoy.

1. Lord Voldemort

With over 2 million followers, Lord Voldemort tweets his cynical thoughts about life and holds a clear grudge toward the characters and plot from Twilight.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

The fake social network founder pokes fun at other sites like Google+ and makes jokes about the ongoing issues concerning Facebook privacy settings.

3. William Shakespeare

Although he doesn’t tweet very often, all of fake Shakespeare’s tweets are incredible works of comedic art, all spoken in old English.

4. Most Interesting Man

Actor Jonathon Goldsmith and his commercial ad campaign as the “most interesting man” for Dos Equis beer has basically become an Internet meme. On Twitter, he tweets about some of the most impossible and impressive things that he is able to do.

5. Harry Potter™

The boy who lived” tweets about everything from dementors to spell castings to jokes about his best friends (Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger).

6. Betty White

Everyone knows that Betty White is an incredible woman. Her timeless jokes are tweeted through her fake parody Twitter account with an admirable sense of humor.

7. Rebecca Black

In a matter of days, Rebecca Black became one of the biggest Internet memes of all time and had one of the most viewed videos in 2011. If you’re not already tired of all the “Friday” jokes and puns, follow her parody account on Twitter.

8. Bill Clinton

If you’re a fan of very rude humor, the hilarious Bill Clinton is a must-follow character on Twitter. You might be amazed at how very inappropriate some of his tweets may seem!

9. The Queen

Yes, even her Royal Highness has a Twitter parody account. Some of her tweets are blown hilariously out of proportion, and she often refers to herself in the third person.

10. Fake Science

If you were one of those people who never really exceled in the field of science, the Fake Science parody Twitter account (and Tumblr blog) might just be able to teach you everything you need to know.

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