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What is TweetDeck?

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TweetDeck is a popular Twitter client for Windows and the iPhone

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Website: http://tweetdeck.com
Description: A Twitter client
Similar Applications: Twhirl,Tweetie

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is a client for the popular social messaging service Twitter that not only allows users to sign in and check their Twitter messages, but also create groups, thus extending the Twitter service. Through groups, users can check the tweets of a subset of their followers, thus allowing them to create groups for news, friends, and other related followers.

TweetDeck is available as a stand-alone app for the Windows operating system and as a free iPhone Twitter client. It also has the ability to sync groups and settings between the Windows app and the iPhone app, so you can access the same TweetDeck at home and on the go.

TweetDeck Features

  • Create Twitter groups
  • Syncs between stand-alone and iPhone version
  • Easily retweet your favorite messages
  • Email tweets to your friends

Why should I use TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is perfect for anyone wanting to add groups to their Twitter experience. Because Twitter does not yet offer the ability to organize followers into groups, TweetDeck provides an enhanced Twitter experience.

TweetDeck is also great for iPhone users who want to sync their Twitter experience from their PC to their smartphone.

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