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Get More Twitter Followers

Tips on How to Increase Your Twitter Following


Get More Twitter Followers
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If you’re on Twitter and have been struggling to get more Twitter followers, you’re not alone. Users that have thousands or even millions of followers make it look like it’s easy, but it actually takes a lot of time and effort to get that many followers (unless you’re a well-known celebrity).

Keep in mind that you’re likely not going gain thousands of followers overnight. But if you need some help with getting those numbers up, here are a few of the top techniques people currently use to get more Twitter followers.

Follow Other Users

This is probably the most basic and obvious way to attract Twitter followers. By following others, you’re sort of letting them know that you exist and that you’re interested in their tweets—and they may return the favor by following you back.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you get followed back by people you decide to follow. For example, high profile users like celebrities almost never follow back.

You should also be aware that you cannot follow more than 1,000 users in a day, and once you’ve followed 2,000 users, you’ll have hit the first follower limit. You’ll only be able to follow an additional 10 percent of your follower amount. So, if you have 1,900 followers, you’ll be able to follow a maximum of 2,090 users, because 10 percent of 1,900 is 190. 1,900 plus 190 is 2,090.

Consider Unfollowing Users That Don’t Follow You Back

This should only be considered if you’re strictly using the follow back rule, meaning that most users you follow should be following you back to increase your follower count. You will need to unfollow several users if you want to keep a good balance between your followers and people you’re following in order to increase your follow limit over time.

Use Automation Tools

There are a lot of social media management applications out there that can help you manage your presence on social platforms like Twitter, but Tweet Adder is actually one of the most popular and effective ones.

It’s not free, however, and to use it with just one Twitter profile, you’ll need to pay $55 to download it. But for many, it’s very worth it. You can use it automatically follow users according to location, keyword, followers/following of a user and more. You can also schedule tweets and automatically unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back—taking the entire manual process out following and unfollowing.

Interact with Other Users

Twitter is all about conversation, being social and helping others. Be the first to reach out to others over Twitter. If they like what you say, or answer you back, you may gain a follower out of it.

Retweeting other users’ tweets is also a great way to get noticed, because it puts an @mention of the username in the tweet. A retweet often acts as a compliment to the original tweeter, so you never know—they could follow you back.

Tweet Interesting Stuff

This is probably the most important rule of them all—and essential if you want quality followers. You could follow thousands of people to have them follow you back, but they won’t necessarily be quality followers. Too many users simply follow others just to get followed back, and couldn’t care less about what you’re tweeting.

Having a good mix of real tweets, @mentions, retweets and hashtags in which you communicate personal thoughts, opinions, news, videos, photos and more is really the key to gaining real followers who will pay attention to what you’re tweeting.

There’s really no major secret to getting more Twitter followers. Even if you love the way that big numbers look, focusing more on quality of followers rather than the quantity of followers is a much better way to look at it.

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