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A Review of MyYahoo!

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The Bottom Line

While still in beta, MyYahoo is very functional, and is a huge improvement over the previous very Web 1.0 version of the start page. For those that really like Yahoo and use multiple features of the popular web portal, MyYahoo could be a good solution for a start page.

But, there's really nothing compelling for those who aren't Yahoo regulars. It does not have the customization or handy gadgets included in other start pages. If you already have a personalized start page, don't bother. And if you are looking for a start page, but don't use Yahoo very often, there are better solutions out there.


  • Sleek design and relatively easy to use
  • The Personalized Assistant is a great addition
  • Yahoo Reader is nice for browsing RSS feeds
  • Very good performance


  • Large chunk of workspace taken up by an advertisement
  • Special features are nice, but limited
  • Not very customizable


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Multiple pages for better organization
  • Limited on features and customization

Guide Review - A Review of MyYahoo!

Yahoo recently revamped their MyYahoo start page by giving it some Web 2.0 polish. One of my largest gripes with the previous version of MyYahoo was that Yahoo would have been better served by simply giving people access to the same portlets found on the main page and allowing them to customize their arrangement. It seems someone at Yahoo was thinking the same thing because that is exactly what the new version of MyYahoo does.

Unfortunately, MyYahoo still misses the mark of what people are looking for in a personalized start page. A big example of this is the large advertisement taking up a huge amount of the available workspace. This annoyance alone might be too much for anyone thinking about switching over from a competitor to overcome. After all, wasted space means less productivity, which automatically puts almost every other start page on the planet ahead in the race.

MyYahoo 2.0 also continues the lack of customization found in the original. This is best demonstrated by the first page allowing three columns while additional pages only allow two columns with the space where the third column could have been being taken up by a Yahoo menu.

It also has a limited number of modules and lacks support for custom widgets.

But there are areas where MyYahoo shines. For those that use many features of the Yahoo portal, such as Yahoo Mail, Music, etc., MyYahoo can be a great alternative to the main site.

The RSS capabilities are also very good. MyYahoo has very good performance with RSS feeds updating very quickly. And the integration with Yahoo Reader is pretty good.

Overall, the choice comes down to whether or not you already use many Yahoo features. If so, MyYahoo can be a great choice as either a primary start page, or an alternative to the main Yahoo page. If not, there are better options out there.

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 2 out of 5
Confusing to set up, maybe changing for the worse, Member andyross

As a former att.net user, I get an AT&T branded version. There is now a popup pointing to a 'new' att.net page. If the main Yahoo page is moving to that format, then you will be losing ALL of your customization.

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