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Personalized Start Pages - Reviews

A Review of Protopage

Protopage is a very Web 2.0 version of a personalized start page with freestyle drag-and-drop customization.

A Review of MyYahoo!

MyYahoo lacks some of the customization and features of other start pages like Netvibes, iGoogle and Webwag, but it makes a great start page for those who love the Yahoo web portal.

A Review of Netvibes

Netvibes is easy-to-use and is more flexible than other custom start pages, but it is not quite as pretty as some of the newer start pages.

A Review of iGoogle

Keeping with the philosophy that less is more, iGoogle is rather plain compared to other start pages. But, it offers plenty of handy gadgets, and with its tie-in to Google Docs, it might soon become the most productive start page.

A Review of Webwag

A relative newcomer to the scene, Webwag is off to a good start. The ability to capture portions of web pages and put them on your start page via Widget on Demand is a great feature.

A Review of Pageflakes

If you want something pretty to look at, Pageflakes is a good choice. It has a sleek design and offers a host of components called "flakes" that add to the productivity and fun.

Make Your Own T-Shirt Online with Zazzle

Customized t-shirts are all the rage these days, and with the convenience of Internet technology, you can design your own t-shirt from scratch and have it delivered straight to your door in just a few days. Zazzle is one of the leading online retailers for customized merchandise. You can upload your own images and text to create your own...

Chill.com Is Pinterest for Social Video Sharing

Maybe you’re a huge fan of YouTube or Vimeo, with lots of channel subscriptions and videos to keep you busy. And maybe you’re a fan of the popular image sharing social network, Pinterest. So what do you get when you put Video and Pinterest together? You get Chill--a new and awesome way to share and discover video content on the web.

Foursquare Privacy Settings: Being Careful with Sharing Your Location Online

We live in an extremely open world these days, no doubt. Social networking has taken that to a whole new level and it’s almost become second nature to share what’s on your mind, photos of important events and even your location. Foursquare is the leading location-based social network, but are you using it too casually? Here are just a few things...

Rdio Review: Unlimited Music Streaming Service via Web and Mobile

It’s obvious that the music industry has experienced the biggest shift we’ve ever seen--from traditional and analogue consumption to digital and Internet media consumption. For the past 10 to 12 years or so, people have enjoyed downloading music online and storing in on their hard drives. Now, with cloud-based music streaming services, anyone...

How to Use SoundCloud and the SoundCloud Apps

For musicians, DJs and music enthusiasts of all sorts, SoundCloud is a great social network to discover and share new music. And while you might already be satisfied with using sites like YouTube, Spotify or iTunes for music, you may actually be missing out on some great stuff and a great community on SoundCloud. Here’s what you need to know...
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