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7 Essential Social Shopping Websites

The Best Social Shopping Sites


Want to get involved with social shopping but don't know where to start? These 7 essential social shopping websites will get you started whether you are interested in window-shopping on the web, getting product reviews, getting involved in a shopping community, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, or mainly focused on designer fashions.

Call it social shopping or shopping 2.0, these social shopping websites will hook you into a community to help guide your web shopping.

1. Kaboodle

Social Shopping Website - Kaboodle

What's to like: Kaboodle is a social network based on shopping and can put you in touch with other shoppers who have similar interests in products. Kaboodle also features product reviews, and as you grow to know the community, the product reviews become more relevant since you'll recognize some of the reviewers. A handy bookmark allows you to recommend your own products as you browse the web.

2. MyItThings

Social Shopping Website - MyItThings

What's to like: A fashion magazine created by the community, MyItThings goes beyond just shopping by giving you a virtual closet to show off what you have bought and a space to review your favorite products or even your favorite books, movies or music. It's a social shopping website and community-based dynamic magazine for the fashion-aware.

3. Zebo

Zebo Social Shopping

What's to like: A social shopping website that focuses on chatting with other social shoppers, getting tips, and browsing products, Zebo stands out by allowing you to ask the serious questions like what shoes go best with what dress. The "This or That" poll lets you post pictures and ask the community which they prefer, so if you can't decide which blouse to buy, or are wondering which necklace to wear out on a date, Zebo's there to help you.

4. ProductWiki

Shopping Wiki

What's to like: ProductWiki is a fantastic wiki resource for shoppers. Not only does it give you access to product reviews, it also lets you compare prices. Perhaps the best feature is the pros and cons which not only let you quickly see the good and the bad of the product but also, because you can also see how many people agreed or disagreed with each pro or con, you can see how accurate the pros and cons are.

5. ShopStyle

ShopStyle Social Shopping Website

What's to like: If you are into designer fashions, ShopStyle is the social shopping site for you. ShopStyle is like shopping the world's best boutiques where you can shop for thousands of brands from fashion names like Barneys New York and Lisa Kline Los Angeles. And not only can you shop fashion, you can also create your own stylebook and share it with others.

6. Woot

Social Shopping Site - Woot

What's to like: Woot only sells one product a day in what is called a "woot off." During the woot off, the community gives feedback for the item. For avid shoppers, it's a great site to check on each day for a good deal or just a quick, fun purchase.

7. Iliketotallyloveit

Social News for Shopping - Iliketotallyloveit

What's to like: Described as a Digg for shoppers, Iliketotallyloveit allows you to add products, vote on products, and see what is popular and what is just around the corner. You can also limit products by type or by price range.

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