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Social Shopping

Social Shopping combines traditional shopping with the community elements of social bookmarking and social networking to create a new Web 2.0 shopping experience.

What is Social Shopping?

Social shopping is the combination of social media and e-commerce. In essence, it is taking all of the key aspects of the social web -- friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions -- and focusing them on the world's favorite activity -- shopping -- to create social shopping.

7 Essential Social Shopping Websites

Want to get involved with social shopping but don't know where to start? These 7 essential sites will get you started.

The Most Popular Social Shopping Websites

Social shopping is one of the most recent trends to come from the social explosion of Web 2.0. Social shopping sites are those websites that combine social elements such as a social networking community or the ability to set social bookmarks with aspects of shopping such as product reviews and deal hunting.

Groupon Competitors: Sites Like Groupon

Groupon is the most popular online couponing website that offers consumers “deal-of-the-day” discounted gift certificates to purchase specific products or services from local or national businesses. To use Groupon, anyone can sign up for free and be notified by email about local deals. In general, when you decide to purchase the deal and share...

10 Great Sites for Web Geek Gifts

Considering how much we rely on our mobile gadgets and computers these days, it’s no wonder that more people are adding this kind of technology-friendly stuff to their gift wishlists. Things like tablet computers, software packages, computer parts, mobile accessories and even web-based subscriptions or memberships are all growing in popularity....

What Is Etsy?

eBay isn’t the only site you can use to buy and sell stuff online anymore. Etsy has been the newest and latest trend for business owners and shoppers looking to buy and sell some of the most unique products you’ve ever seen.

5 Tips for Holiday Gift Planning Using Pinterest

It’s that time of year again. We’ve reached that two-month period at the end of the year leading right up to the holidays, and that means that it’s time to get your gift giving plans in order. Pinterest isn’t just for wedding planning anymore. In fact, now that private boards have been rolled out, you can pin great gift ideas on your boards...

Holiday Shopping Apps for iPhone and Android

More people are taking their online shopping to their mobile devices, and for this year’s holiday season, retailers are preparing for the surge in traffic expected to come from tablets and smartphones in addition to regular laptops and desktop computers. As more people go mobile, the trend is only expected to grow.
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