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General Social Network List

A List of Friends-Based Social Networks


General social networks or friends-based social networks are those that do not focus on a particular topic or niche, but rather put the emphasis on staying connected to your friends. The most popular of these are MySpace and Facebook, but there are a number of popular friends-based social networks, including international social networks.

43 Things


43 Things is a social network that focuses on goal setting. Members are linked by what goals they wish to attain and which goals they have already completed. On 43 Things, you can share in goals by creating a goal and inviting friends to complete them with you.


Social Network List - Badoo

Badoo is one of the most popular international social networks with a large userbase in Europe. Based in London and appealing to a general crowd, Badoo forgoes advertising on its site in favor of charging a small fee to advertise profiles in a more prominent space, though the social network itself is absolutely free to use.


Social Network List - Bebo

Bebo is a popular social networking site with a large base in the US, Canda, UK and Ireland. Bebo was purchased by AOL in 2008 for $850 million and has a tight integration with the AOL Instant Messenger, Skype and the Windows Live Messengers. It also features Bebo Music, Bebo Authors and Bebo Mobile.


List Social Networks - Facebook

Originally a social network for college students, Facebook has grown into one of the leading social networks in the world. In addition to networking with friends and co-workers, the Facebook platform allows users to play games with one another and even integrate other social networks like Flixster into their Facebook profile.


Social Network - Friendster

Launched in 2002, Friendster is one of the earlier social networks and was later used as a blueprint for the creation of MySpace. While Facebook and MySpace have risen to dominance in the US market, Friendster still remains a popular social network worldwide, especially in Asia.


Social Network List - Hi5

Hi5 is a popular social network with a large international base that gets its name by allowing users to give a high five to other users. These high fives are an emotive tool where you can express happiness, cheer on a friend, or give them a slap on the back.


List Social Networks - MySpace

Long hailed as the king of social networks, MySpace has been steadily losing ground to Facebook over the past year. However, while Facebook has focused on adding utility to the social network, MySpace still reigns supreme in displaying your creative uniqueness, which makes it popular with people who like to decorate their profiles.


Social Network List - Netlog

A leading international social network, Netlog is targeted at European youth. With the goal of becoming the ultimate youth destination, Netlog allows users to litter their profile with blog posts, pictures, videos and events to share with their friends.


Social Network List - Ning

Ning is like the social network of social networks. Instead of creating your profile and adding friends, Ning allows you to create your very own social network. It's great for workplaces that want to create a small community and families that want to keep up with each other. Learn how to create your own social network on Ning.


Social Network List - Orkut

Google's attempt to get involved with the social networking craze, Orkut was never able to catch on in North America. However, it has become quite popular in Brazil and in India, thus making it a viable international social network. It also allows users to log in through their Google account.

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