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See What You Posted One Year Ago on Social Media with Timehop

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See What You Posted One Year Ago on Social Media with Timehop
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The Bottom Line

Timehop is a simple little tool that let’s you know what you were doing exactly one year ago by tracking down the social networking posts you made. You simply log in using your existing Facebook account and configure your other social media accounts with Timehop. Timehop uses your data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and SMS text messaging and sends you daily notifications to your email with a summary of what you posted a year ago. It’s a great little reminder of where you were and what kinds of experiences you had last year that you may have forgotten about.


  • Uses information from a good variety of popular social networks
  • Has nice looking templates and good organization of notifications in emails
  • Is very simple to use and set up
  • Has convenient links to adjust personal settings or unsubscribe


  • Does not include other popular social networks like Tumblr, Flickr and others
  • Involves automated emails that may become annoying over time
  • Has no option to choose weekly or monthly emails rather than daily emails


  • Integrates with your social networking profiles
  • Checks what you posted exactly one year ago
  • Builds a personalized list of your updates from that day
  • Sends you an email showing you what you posted exactly one year ago

Guide Review - See What You Posted One Year Ago on Social Media with Timehop

I love the idea of Timehop, mainly because it’s so simple and really enjoyable to check every day. I use almost every social network that Timehop tracks, so for me it’s really interesting to see information like where I checked in on Foursquare or what photos I took with Instagram a year ago.

The template Timehop organizes the information in the email updates is fantastic. It’s a simple yet funky list style, and you can click on any of the links inside the email to see more information. For example, if Timehop tells me about a restaurant I checked into on Foursquare, I can click on it to show me the extra details on Timehop.com, like the map, and from there I can even click right to the original Foursquare post.

At the end of every email, Timehop gives you a fun little comment, like “You might as well just stay in bed and pour yourself a drink, brother. Cause there’s no way you’re gonna top the day year-ago Elise had. Well done!”

Obviously, if you don’t post may updates on social networking sites, Timehop wouldn’t be of much value. But considering how much people are sharing these days, on the go and wherever they are, it’s pretty amazing to get a little reminder of our past digital lives we’re creating as we continue to share stuff online.

For people who have enough stress dealing with email on a daily basis, I probably wouldn’t recommend this app. Because it sends out an email each day that finds you made a social networking update, it may just be another annoyance in your inbox and another message to delete. Overall, it’s a great tool, and it would be awesome to see them include updates on additional popular social networking sites.

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