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Tagged Review

The Scoop on Tagged

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Tagged is a friends-based social network

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Tagged is a social networking website originally aimed at junior high and high school students but is now open to people of all ages. Despite a convoluted design, complaints about inbox spam and excessive bot spam, Tagged's popularity has grown over the past year.

Tagged - Pros and Cons


  • One of the fastest-growing social networks
  • Customizable profiles
  • Users can 'tag' each other with pictures
  • A growing number of applications including games like Poker and Mafia Wars


  • Questionable behavior leads to inbox spam
  • Advertisements not exactly kid-friendly
  • Lacks enough protection against spam bots
  • Convoluted design

Tagged - What's To Like

Tagged is one of the fastest growing social networks, which means it will provide plenty of opportunity to create a community of friends and meet new people. With the ability to customize your profile, write on walls and tag friends with pictures, Tagged provides a fun atmosphere.

Tagged also has a growing number of applications and game like Mafia Wars, a game where you become a Mafia Don and gather together a gang of thugs.

Tagged - What's Not To Like

By far the biggest complaint about Tagged is their behavior in sending out email spam. Tagged is known for sending multiple emails to a member's address book, spamming friends and family with invites.

Tagged also has a convoluted design which can make it difficult to navigate and a confusing registration process that can end in a never-ending loop asking for personal information. The need to ask for a street address and mobile phone number is also of concern.

Tagged has been overrun with spam bots that grab user profile information and spam user walls. These spam bots can also lead to more inbox spam.

While Tagged was originally targeted at junior high and high school students, the questionable advertisements make it not exactly kid-friendly. For this reason, there are parental concerns with Tagged.

Tagged - The Bottom Line

While Tagged is quickly becoming one of the more popular social networks, it still lags behind Facebook and MySpace in design, functionality, popularity and community. Add to this the negative aspects of inbox spam, questionable advertisements and spam bots, and it is difficult to recommend Tagged over other social networks.

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child exploitation, Member scooternl

We are a group working in Thailand, Philippines and the Netherlands against child exploitation and especially on the social media web sites Knowing it is not an unknown matter for Tagged/Hi5 we made a further investigation by infiltrating in many groups/profiles What we found was more than disgusting Just a few clicks and a teen looking profile, because you can have your profile from 13 year age, turns into a profile linking to under aged porn sites Most of them password protected, known by those members, mostly Dutch Hi5 removed one, yes one!!! profile (which was back in less than 12 hours under almost the same name) from the 150 we investigated and find proof from child abuse, because there was a child picture directly on that Tagged profile All the others, more than 150 with hidden links are not in violation with Tagged and we were told to contact the police instead of Tagged Fake profiles on Tagged are estimated between 50 and 80 % , sure it is good for Tagged that way Fake is not a problem for us but child abuse is Please Tagged care about those children and not about the money you get from those profile owners just using Tagged/Hi5 to distribute their dirty links and pictures Please!!!

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