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Top Niche Social Networking Sites


The alternative to general social networking websites are niche social networking sites, which are social networks targeted at a specific audience. This includes social networking for the family, for business, for music, etc. By targeting a specific audience, a niche social networking site is able to create an automatic bond between people.

The following is a list of the top social networks that target specific audience or cater to a special interest:

43 Things

A social networking site that targets goal-setting, members are interlinked by the goals they are going after and the goals they have completed.


One of the oldest social networks, and the most popular special interest social networking site, BlackPlanet caters to African-Americans.


A social network centered around video allowing people to upload their own video clips. engage in video chats with other members, and send video e-mail.


Green living beyond just social networking, Care2 offers email, blogging, shopping, and more, all catered to those wishing to live a green life.


Founded in 1995, Classmates was one of the first social networks on the web and still caters primarily to schools and colleges. Classmates charges a fee for advanced services that are usually free on other social networking sites. The website also uses questionable marketing practices by emailing non-paying users and inviting them to pay for the premium service under the pretense that someone was searching for them.


A social networking site aimed at mobile users, Dodgeball interacts with mobile devices to send text messages to your friends alerting them to your status online.


A social network targeting teens, eCrush is the 21st century's answer to writing "Do you like me?" on a piece of paper with a boxes for yes and no and a request to check the one that applies. Teens tell eCrush who they have a crush on, and then eCrush asks those people who they have crushes on. If there is a match, eCrush lets both know, otherwise, the person is none the wiser.


With a tagline of "stop watching bad movies," Flixter combines social networking with movie reviews.

Gaia Online

A social network with virtual world elements, Gaia Online has an anime, comics, and gaming theme. Members can create their own avatar, earn gold by participating in the network, purchase items in virtual shops, visit virtual towns, and more.


Billing itself as a social music site, Last.fm allows members to create their own radio station that learns what the person likes and suggests new music based on those interests. In addition to this, you can listen to the radio stations of friends and other Last.fm members.

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