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List of Social Networking Sites by Type


Social Networking is all the rage these days, but as time goes on, more and more new social networking sites are aiming at niche markets rather than the general audience.

The Top Social Networking Sites of General Interest

Social Networks that do not cater to a specific theme or audience. These social networking websites include such favorites as MySpace and Facebook.

The Top Niche Social Networking Sites

The alternative to general social networking websites are niche social networking sites, which are social networks targeted at a specific audience. This includes social networking for the family, for business, for music, etc.

The Most Popular Social Shopping Websites

Social shopping is one of the most recent trends to come from the social explosion of Web 2.0. While not all of them fit perfectly within the social networking definition, they do use elements borrowed from social networks.

The Top International Social Networking Sites

Some international social networking sites were designed from the ground up for a regional audience, while others, like Google's Orkut, were aimed at the United States but caught on elsewhere.

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