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What is Stribe?


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Website: http://www.stribe.com
Description: A utility to create a social network on your website

What is Stribe?

Stribe is a "Plug & Play" solution for any company or webmaster wishing to integrate a social network on their website without a huge developmental expense. Taking the concept of Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect one step further, Stribe creates a social network where users interact on the parent website, without the need for an external destination.

But the key feature of Stribe is how easy it is to get up and running. Webmasters can install Stribe with just a few lines of JavaScript, or companies that need a more unique solution can customize the look, feel and features of the social network. Stribe also has premium modules that allow for greater community management, including data on key metrics of your visitors.

Stribe Features

Stribe allows you to create a social network on your website.

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  • Create a social network on your site with minimal modification
  • Customizable profiles include user-specific photos and status updates
  • User modules show who's online and allows your visitors to chat and send messages to each other
  • Visitors can leave comments on every page
  • The webmaster module allows customization of the social network
  • Premium modules allow additional back office functionality to manage the online community and track key metrics

Why Should I Use Stribe?

Stribe is a great solution for anyone who manages a company or website and wants to integrate social networking features into the website without the huge expense of developing an in-house solution or integrating an open source social network. With the ability to customize features and track metrics, Stribe is just like building your own social network without the expense.

Stribe holds an advantage over similar services such as Ning in that the social network and community is built on your own website. This allows for greater integration and a smoother transition between the social networking features and your website content.

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