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How to Connect Twitter to Facebook

Posting Your Tweets on Facebook Automatically


How to Connect Twitter to Facebook - The RSS Icon

The RSS Icon. (Image by the Mozilla Foundation)

Want to save time updating your status on Twitter and Facebook? It's relatively easy to connect Twitter to Facebook so that you don't have to duplicate your effort in both places. This allows you to use Twitter freely knowing that your tweets will make their way to Facebook.

The first step is finding your Twitter RSS feed. In Firefox, the RSS feed appears as an icon in the address bar, while in Internet Explorer, it is to the right of the home button on the tab bar. If your browser doesn't locate the feed for you, Twitter has a link to the feed on your profile page.

How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed
How to Find the RSS Feed on a Website

The next step is importing that RSS feed into Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook likes to change their layout around on a regular basis, and currently, importing an RSS feed via Facebook Notes isn't an easy process because the settings are hidden away.

Here's how to find them: Search for 'Notes' and choose the Notes application. (Or you can click this link if you are currently signed in to Facebook.) On the right side, you'll see the Notes settings. You can choose to "Import a blog" from here.

More detailed instructions on finding and setting up Facebook Notes to import your blog.

Want to import multiple blogs? Or would you like Twitter to automatically update your Facebook status? This goes beyond the Notes application, but there are plenty of great RSS applications available on Facebook.

How to use RSS Graffiti to import blogs and RSS feeds on Facebook.

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