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Instagram iPhone Photo App

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The Bottom Line

Instagram is photo app designed for the iPhone and a mobile social network. It can be downloaded and installed for free from the iTunes App Store on to almost any mobile Apple device and uses the device’s camera to snap photos. You can than scroll through a number of vintage photo filters to instantly preview your photo through one of the filters before setting it. You can follow other Instagram users to view their photos and interact by “liking” their photos or commenting on them. Instagram also makes it very easy for you to share your photos on other popular social networks.


  • Free from the iTunes App Store
  • 17 photo filters to choose from
  • Instant photo filter previews
  • Ability to take photos from both front and back camera through the app
  • Ability to load previously taken photos from other folders into Instagram


  • No editing options for comments or likes once a photo is posted
  • Full access to photo posting and feeds are only available on a mobile device
  • Devices must have iOS 4.3 or above installed on them in order to use Instagram


  • Instantly applies vintage photo filters to photos taken via an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Photo discovery and mobile social networking platform
  • Easily share photos from your mobile device on major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others

Guide Review - Instagram iPhone Photo App

Instagram is one of the fastest growing tech startups and one of the most popular mobile photo apps for very good reason. First of all, the filters are gorgeous. It’s quite easy to take an ordinary photo and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing work of art just by applying one of the Instagram filters to it. Secondly, the filters are very easy to apply quickly so you can instantly see a preview of what your photo will look like. Switching back and forth between filter previews is extremely convenient and ensures that I’ll find the best look for my photo without needing to put in too much effort.

Besides having some great filters and an easy-to-use interface, I think that Instagram was able to grow so incredibly fast because of its sharing features. Instagram is essentially a social network in itself, and I like that I can follow my friends on Instagram and see their photos in my feed with the option to “like” or leave a comment on any of them. The “Popular” tab is also another nice touch that contributes to the social network aspect of the app, which shows Instagram photos of other users that receive lots of engagement and activity. This is great for discovering new people to follow and building a network.

Configuring Instagram with my other social networking accounts was a breeze. All you really need is your username or email address and your password for that social network to set up Instagram for easy sharing. You can set your third party social network accounts to automatically share new photos by default when you leave them set to “On.” I’m glad that Instagram asks me where I want to post my photos before I finish creating an photo. For example, if I want to share a photo on Twitter but not on Facebook, I would simply set Twitter sharing to “On” and set Facebook sharing to “Off.”

The biggest grudge that both the world and I have on Instagram is that there is currently no way to check your full feed from a regular computer. And although Instagram can work on an iPad or an iPad 2, the app has not been optimized for it so the screen is displayed for the size of an iPhone screen.

Considering the fact that Instagram is still young, it’s understandable that alternative versions and enhancements have not yet been made available.It's great that they finally brought it to Android and also brought some interactivity to Instagram via web, but it would be great to get a fully functional web platform at some point.

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